Paraguay’s health care system is about to collapse in the corona crisis

Paraguay's health care system is about to collapse in the corona crisis

© Keystone/AP/Jorge Saenz

Around a year after the start of the corona pandemic in South America, the health system in Paraguay is reaching its limits.

In the country’s public hospitals, all beds in the intensive care units are now occupied with Covid 19 patients, reported the newspaper “ABC Color” on Wednesday. “The hospitals are collapsing, the emergency rooms are collapsing, the drug supply is collapsing. Everything is collapsing,” said the chairwoman of the medical association, Gloria Meza. She called for a tough two-week lockdown to get the situation back under control.

Because of the lack of materials and medicines, various nurses’ unions announced protests for the coming days. The government then promised on Wednesday to buy drugs for Covid 19 patients on a large scale.

So far, a good 160,000 people have been proven to have been infected with the corona virus in the South American country. According to the Ministry of Health, over 3,200 patients have died in connection with the Covid-19 disease. Paraguay is about as big as Germany and Switzerland combined, but only has a good seven million inhabitants. Health care is often poorly developed, especially in rural areas.


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