“People from the Balkans are viewed differently”


Djokovic, Ivanisevic

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Djokovic, Ivanisevic

Goran Ivanisevic, Novak Djokovic’s coach, is now raising serious allegations: The Serb was treated worse because of his origin.

Last year the world number one had to take a lot of criticism. From the Adriatic tour, which was canceled due to the corona virus, to the line judge who was shot down at the US Open and the establishment of an alternative players’ union, to demands for special rules for tennis professionals in the Australian quarantine – Djokovic is always infected, cashed by fellow players , Fans and official reviews.

Coach Ivanisevic cannot understand that. “It all started with the Adriatic Tour. They were already after him before, but last year I felt like I was watching the Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” said the 49-year-old at Tennismajors.com “laughing at first.

After that, the former Wimbledon-Siger became more serious: “Why is he treated like that? Probably because of his origin. People from the Balkans are always looked at differently,” said the Djokovic coach with a bad accusation of racism.

At the US Open, when the “Djoker” was disqualified, “everyone was happy” “because this crap happened to him.” And in Melbourne he only wanted to stand up for his tennis colleagues in the harsh isolation. “And further: Let’s stand up on Djokovic because he’s the only one who says something. In my entire career I’ve seen players who have done a lot. But nobody was treated like Novak,” continued Ivanisevic.

The 49-year-old emphasized, however, that the world number one takes his mental strength precisely from the constant criticism of himself. “I’ve never met a mental rock like him. If everyone writes him off, he’ll somehow find a new source of energy,” said Ivanisevic.


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