Pointner criticism of ski jumpers: “lose with attitude”

Pointner criticism of ski jumpers:


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Former trainer Alexander Pointner sees room for improvement in the men’s ski jumping championships. “I miss the absolute will to win.”

The local ski jumpers won gold and bronze at the Nordic World Championships in Oberstdorf. In the mixed competition, the strong jumping women Marita Kramer and Daniela Iraschko-Stolz ensured a very good starting position, but Michael Hayböck and Stefan Kraft could not use this. So it became bronze – and nothing more.

Former trainer Alexander Pointner, who won 32 medals at major events as a coach, criticizes in his column in the “Kleine Zeitung”: “What worked for the Germans, didn’t work for the Austrians. Marita Kramer and Daniela Iraschko-Stolz delivered terrific performances off, but Stefan Kraft and Michael Hayböck couldn’t keep up. So the aggressiveness that they had shown before the individual fizzled out again. ”

“The interviews after the disappointing normal hill competition were characteristic of the prevailing mood at Hayböck and Co.. While the medal winners were celebrating in the background, three out of four ÖSV athletes found that they were not dissatisfied with their jumps,” Pointner continues .

“I miss this unconditional will to win, which I know from the ‘super eagles’. Apparently, the ÖSV men ‘lose with attitude’ and ‘always take something positive with them’. But a fair loser can only be someone who has previously been absolutely clear Willingness to win has won something. Those who just gloss over their mistakes paralyze themselves and get stuck. ”


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