Sanremo 2021. Today Pausini and Elodie. Irama remains in the race, ok on video of the tests

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Second evening with 13 big names in the race, as scheduled. In the afternoon comes the green light from the record companies to Amadeus’ proposal to change the regulations of the Sanremo Festival and allow Irama, forced to quarantine for cases of covid in his staff, to remain in the race with the video of the performances at the rehearsals .

Irama: “Grateful to Amadeus, but it is a pity not to perform”

Irama tightly announces that he has accepted to remain in the competition at the Festival, despite being in isolation, replacing the live performance with the video of Monday’s test. “The first thing to think about is health, I hope everyone is well. It is the first thing we worried about. On the one hand, I am grateful and grateful to Amadeus, but also to my management, Rai, colleagues, who they held out their hand to me. There was help from this point of view, a hand was extended to me in times of difficulty. But I’m also sorry because I really wanted to do this performance, there is a work of months behind it and of an entire team. I was particularly keen to be on that stage, to perform and play in a healthy way this Festival “.

The 12 o’clock press conference

The plays of the early evening of the Sanremo Festival “are positive for me, the comparison with last year’s data is impractical because it is a different period and a million and a half viewers are missing from the entire television audience”. He said it Stefano Coletta, director of Rai 1, at a press conference at the Casino commenting on yesterday’s show. On social media “it is the most commented evening of the Festival ever, there has been a truly enormous growth of over 30% compared to the last edition”.

“I can’t wait to play, on stage I will bring my childish part, the Elodie twelve years old. Because what I would like to do is have fun “. Elodie, in a press conference, comments on her debut at the Ariston not as a singer in the competition but alongside Amadeus.” I am truly honored. I never imagined sharing the stage with two personalities from the show like Amadeus and Fiorello. I am very happy because Sanremo for me has been a great appointment since I was young and I have always dreamed of singing on that stage, but I didn’t think I would be able to do something so great for me “.

“If I talk about women tonight? The first thing Amadeus asked me is to be myself, he gave me the space to tell myself, which I will do tonight. Tonight I will tell something, but not referring to women, I speak as a young woman so that people can see each other again, but I speak to men and women “. So Elodie, prompted by the journalists’ questions, anticipates something of her performance tonight on the Ariston stage, in which she will join Amadeus as conductor of the second evening.

“The tension is a bit normal – explains the singer – because I will be in a new role but it is beautiful, because it gives the right sprint. What I will do I want to keep because I think it is more fun, but I will do something out of ‘ordinary”. And on the outfit, she adds: “The clothes will be part of the performance, I’m committed because if I feel beautiful it’s even easier to do what I have to do,” says Elodie.

“I am almost moved. It was a first episode that we had been waiting for months, with one difficulty after another. The data fills me with joy, it was a different Sanremo even in the construction. Even carrying a bouquet of flowers with a trolley is not a beautiful thing, it takes away the human side. I fought for the audience because I know very well that it is not an extra element, it is part of the show “. So Amadeus at the press conference. “We have fun, we are happy and proud of what we are doing,” he adds.

Fiorello does not hold back the emotion speaking as a father of the lockdown. “I have a teenage daughter and I suffer for her. For me the best time in life was recess, it was going to the cinema in the afternoon with friends, it was waiting for the most beautiful of the third C to be able to see her when she left school. to my daughter, who has just become a teenager, all this is denied, it hurts me. Because in her I see all the adolescents. And the bad thing is that they are getting used to it. I think that for all adolescent parents this is a pain. I cannot see one teenage girl locked in the house from morning to night “, concluded the visibly excited showman.

On the second evening of the Sanremo Festival i thirteen Big in the race they will perform in this order: Orietta Berti, The representative of the list, Lo state social, Bugo, Gaia, Willie Peyote, Malika Ayane, Fulminacci, Extraliscio, Ermal Meta, Gio Evan, Irama and Random.

Second round of competition for New proposals at the Sanremo Festival. Tonight they will take the stage of the Ariston, in this order: Wrongonyou, Greta Zuccoli, Davide Shorty, the Dellai. Only two of them will make it to the final night on Friday.

The second evening

After the debut last night, the Sanremo Festival goes on and throws itself headlong into the episode that will be broadcast this evening. It will be dedicated to Italian music in the world and for this reason Il Volo and Laura Pausini will enrich the competition of young and big players. The first will pay tribute to Ennio Morricone directed by his son Andrea, the second will celebrate his victory at the Golden Globes by singing the piece awarded as’ Best original song ‘,’ Io si ‘(seen)’. Among the guests, then, Gigi D’Alessio, Alex Schwazer and the Juventus player Cristiana Girelli. Achille Lauro will return to the stage, this time accompanied by Claudio Santamaria and Francesca Barba. Co-host Elodie, who returns in a different role than the one that saw her protagonist among the Champions last year with ‘Andromeda’. Space for the second part of the ‘New Proposals’ competition, with the performances – in order – of Wrongonyou, Greta Zuccoli, Davide Shorty and Dellai. Two of them will go to the semi-final on Friday, joining yesterday’s winners Folcast and Gaudiano. Among the Big, however, in order of release, there will be: Orietta Berti, The representative of Lista, Lo state social, Bugo, Gaia and Willie Peyote. Then again Malik Ayane, Fulminacci, the Extraliscio and Davide Toffolo. Ermal Meta, Gio Evan, Irama, Random will close. The appointment is for 8.40pm.


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