Spycher remains true to itself

Spycher remains true to itself

It is no surprise that the sports director does not leave YB – and another signal that Christoph Spycher has created a solid basis for the champions.

© Photo: Peter Klaunzer (Keystone)
“Loyalty is important to me”: YB sports director Christoph Spycher also exemplifies virtues with his decision that he expects from others in the club.

It was a depressing scenario for YB: In the summer, coach Gerardo Seoane – and head of sports Christoph Spycher, go with him right away. In connection with the much more important personalities for YB, there is now the all-clear: Spycher will remain with the club as head of sport – and that is no surprise.

Spycher creates clarity about his position. He wants to fulfill his contract. Above all, he sees no reason to turn his life upside down for a new post. Spycher is only 42 years old, and he still has at least 20 years ahead of him as an official in football. And: The family is important to Spycher, who grew up in Oberscherli, his two children go to school here.

Of course, Spycher still enjoys an excellent reputation in Germany. He was a figure at Eintracht Frankfurt and was a captain for years as a player. After his success with YB it was logical that Spycher’s name came up when it became known that the current sports director Fredi Bobic is leaving the club in the summer.

Spycher would never make a decision that leaves the club helpless.

Spycher’s contract with YB runs until 2022, a further extension is currently not an issue. But that’s secondary because Spycher would never make a decision that leaves the club helpless. Should Spycher leave one day, he would find his successor in good time. Especially since he exemplifies values ​​such as integrity and loyalty, not least with the current decision.

In addition, the career of a sports director works differently than that of a player or coach. It is more oriented towards the working conditions and the environment, less towards the athletic advancement. In addition, the half-life of a sports director is significantly longer.

And with the foundation that Spycher has created with and for YB, success should not ebb anytime soon. For him that means: The Bundesliga will not run away from him.


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