TeamViewer share benefits: TeamViewer takes over augmented reality specialist Upskill

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The software provider TeamViewer is still on a shopping spree and is expanding the area of ​​augmented reality for industry with a takeover in the USA.

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The US company Upskill offers real-time interfaces via data glasses and other mobile devices that can be useful for skilled workers and maintenance teams, such as TeamViewer announced on Tuesday in Göppingen. “Upskill gives us good access to the US market, the customers are mainly major customers,” said TeamViewer boss Oliver Steil in an interview with the financial news agency dpa-AFX.

TeamViewer wants to expand its business with corporate customers anyway. The MDAXCompany had already strengthened itself in this area last summer with the acquisition of the Bremen-based software company Ubimax, which also offers augmented reality solutions for companies. This means that skilled workers, fitters and maintenance specialists are shown construction plans in data glasses or on tablets, for example, so that they can make the right moves on machines.

The TeamViewer share rose in the morning via XETRA by 3.44 percent to 46.36 euros. This means that the group is again worth around 9.3 billion euros on the stock exchange.

In February, the share had risen to almost 50 euros, but then fell a little because the pace of growth slowed and the major shareholder Permira continued to place large blocks of shares on the market. With the strong demand in the first two quarters of 2020, the share had established itself as one of the crisis winners on the market, but lost momentum after the high of almost 55 euros in the summer.

For this year, TeamViewer has set itself the goal of a currency-adjusted growth of 29 to 33 percent in so-called billings – i.e. invoices for the next twelve months. However, the first two quarters should turn out to be comparatively weaker due to the strong prior-year figures.

Steil did not want to reveal in detail how much TeamViewer can cost the newcomer from the USA. “The rating of Upskill is lower than that of Ubimax,” he made clear.

TeamViewer had paid 136.5 million euros in cash and shares for Ubimax. “Upskill has a somewhat stronger focus on production and follow-up checks, for example Boeing is a major customer. Ubimax, on the other hand, is strongly represented in logistics and warehousing,” said Steil.

“The upskill team has already reached a very good size with around 30 employees and has been in the market for a while

on the go, “said the manager. TeamViewer grew up primarily with software for remote maintenance and video conferencing and benefited greatly from this in the Corona crisis with the trend towards home offices. The company has meanwhile expanded its offerings to other areas.

After Ubimax, TeamViewer then struck the small Austrian start-up Xaleon, a provider of software for customer service and purchase processing, in January for an undisclosed purchase price. Steil and his CFO Stefan Gaiser want to keep looking for favorable opportunities. The company recently placed a € 300 million promissory note. Previously, at the end of 2020, the company had pushed the debt ratio below the target of twice the operating profit.

“From now on, the international orientation should predominate in acquisitions, probably more in growth markets such as the USA and Asia / Pacific,” said Steil. “We also dare to make larger acquisitions, but the market is rewarding that

we quickly integrate teams that have grown independently and fit in with us. “/ men / ssc / misGÖPPINGEN (dpa-AFX)


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