The Delegation estimates that 8M could have brought together more than 60,000 people

The Delegation estimates that 8M could have brought together more than 60,000 people

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Madrid, Mar 4 (EFE) .- The Government delegate in Madrid, José Manuel Franco, has affirmed that the 104 prohibited demonstrations that were planned to be held in the region between March 7 and 8 could have brought together more than 60,000 people and that some of them shared itineraries.

This Thursday the Government Delegation in Madrid has decided to prohibit “for reasons of public health” all calls for demonstrations or concentrations that had been communicated for the 7th and 8th of March in the Community.

At a press conference, Franco explained that the decision was made after studying the routes, the attendance forecast, the duration or the venues that had been communicated.

These two days a total of 104 protests had been communicated to the Government Delegation, of which 70% had the objective of vindicating International Women’s Day.

For Franco, there was a risk to health due to the “possible confluences” of the “massive” marches and, adding up all the requests, more than 60,000 people could have gathered “moving through the streets of Madrid.”

The delegate explained that the main reason for prohibiting these concentrations is “public health” and recalled the data on the incidence of the coronavirus in the Community of Madrid.

“We send a clear and forceful message of prudence, responsibility and common sense,” he stressed.

Franco has rejected that there has been a change of criteria or conditions, since it is not a “numerical problem”, but of the “great accumulation” that was going to take place and in the “field of displacement”

Likewise, it has influenced that the decision has also been made by evaluating the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and has rejected that there have been “sectarian or ideological motives”.

Regarding possible complaints for this reason, Franco has acknowledged that they can be given, even sentences in the “opposite direction”, but has defended that he has acted in “conscience and with the health data”.

Asked about the protests that have been banned since the beginning of the year in Madrid, the delegate stated that “the problem is not how many have been banned, but the accumulation” that was to take place in a few days in the capital.

The Government Delegation has proposed “alternatives” to the organizers to make use of their “just demands.”

“I am not afraid of criticism because we act conscientiously and with objective criteria,” he stated while reiterating that “more than one call intended to use the same itinerary.”

Finally, he assured that he trusts “very much in the responsibility of all the people of Madrid” and has specified that he does not “contemplate or want to contemplate” a scenario where demonstrations take place on March 8.

The 8M Commission itself had convened four concentrations of up to 500 people in the center of Madrid for next Monday, between six and nine in the afternoon, with an “exhaustive protocol” to guarantee compliance with the anti-covid security measures .

A week ago, José Manuel Franco affirmed that some of the demonstrations called had not been prohibited, claiming that they met the “required parameters” in a pandemic situation: the Ministry of Health advised against concentrations of more than 500 people and calls with fewer people had been communicated.

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