The ENAIRE Art Center will be inaugurated in June in the Gamazo warehouses with more than one hundred first-rate pieces

The ENAIRE Art Center will be inaugurated in June in the Gamazo warehouses with more than one hundred first-rate pieces

The ENAIRE Art Center will be inaugurated in June in the Gamazo warehouses with more than one hundred first-rate pieces

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The ENAIRE Art Center will be inaugurated in June in the Gamazo warehouses with more than one hundred first-rate pieces

The Art Center of the ENAIRE Foundation in the Gamazo ships, which will house the ENAIRE Collection of Contemporary Art, will open in June, with an exhibition of more than one hundred pieces, and will install a sculpture by Pablo Serrano abroad as an “icon ” from the museum.

This has been announced by the Vice President of the Government, Pablo Zuloaga, the Government Delegate, Ainoa Quiñones, the President of the Santander Port Authority (APS), Francisco Martín, and the Director of the ENAIRE Foundation, Beatriz Montero de Espinosa, who have visited this Friday the works of rehabilitation of the ships.

Zuloaga has advanced that the works on the interior of the warehouses will be completed “in the next few days” and “in the next few months” the urbanization works will be completed, which will link the Palace of Festivals and the Naves de Gamazo with a new avenue that “will have possibilities open-air exhibitions “.

Precisely, during the visit, the director of the foundation presented the sculpture that will be installed outside the warehouses. It is a work from the 60s by the artist Pablo Serrano “that reflects on man’s need to find a place of refuge”.

According to the director, the inaugural exhibition will be funded by the ENAIRE Foundation and the exhibition calendar is closing with agreements from other institutions, which will be announced “shortly.”

In addition, he pointed out that the definitive selection of the permanent exhibition “has not yet been made”, and will be rotating and bringing funds from the Collection.

“They are doing a new rereading of the collection that is going to be very interesting,” he pointed out, explaining that both graphic works and paintings and photographs by different artists of the most recent contemporary art are mixed.

Likewise, the vice president has detailed that the museum will host a permanent exhibition that will be renewed periodically and other temporary ones that will be renewed every three or four months with works from the ENAIRE Collection as well as from other collaborating institutions.

According to Zuloaga, the collection has to do with works exhibited in all the country’s airports and will arrive in Cantabria “with large firms.”

Thus, he recalled that the objective is for the exhibitions to be launched in 2021 and explained that the opening date has been set in June, without indicating a specific day “in case something does not turn out as they would like.”

Finally, the also Minister of Universities, Equality, Culture and Sports thanked the Foundation for its commitment to “make a reality” in Cantabria a container space and diffuser of culture “of the first level in the country” in a building that was “without I hardly use. ”

“It is an absolute success that ENAIRE is installed in Santander in these Gamazo warehouses next to the Palace of Festivals and the Maritime Museum, and in an area that is growing in the cultural sphere”, he highlighted.

For his part, Martín thanked the Foundation for its willingness and effort to create this new cultural space that will be part of the Cultural Ring that “enriches” Santander, which “in a few years has changed its cultural offer”, citing the Botín Center and the future museum of Banco Santander.

In addition, he stressed that the sculpture that will be installed outside the museum will be the “icon” of the museum.

Quiñones has also valued the center, which is going to be a “leading player” in Spain. “I believe that these Gamazo ships, converted into avant-garde cultural space, are going to be the best cultural news in Spain in 2021 and that is already a source of pride for everyone, for the Government of Spain, for State Ports, for the Government of Cantabria and it should also be for the Santander City Council “, he said.

The project to rehabilitate the warehouses is one of the few examples of industrial architecture in Santander, which began in May 2019 and involves an investment of 2 million euros from the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, whose center will be managed through of the ENAIRE Foundation.

In addition, it includes the urbanization of the surroundings of the warehouses, in which the regional government will invest 200,000 euros, and the transfer of the Archive, for which the APS has contributed 500,000 euros, which has made this building available to the foundation during the next 20 years, extendable for successive five-year periods up to a maximum of 50 years.

The ENAIRE Collection is made up of almost 1,200 works from the most important artistic disciplines of the last six decades. Figuration, abstraction, expressionism and constructivism, among others, coexist in murals, sculptures, photographs, punctures and multimedia art, among other formats, showing the creations of more than 300 Spanish and Latin American authors.

Miguel Barceló, Soledad Sevilla, Juan Genovés, Cristina Iglesias, Santiago Sierra, Eva Lootz, Antoni Tàpies, Joan Miró, among others, make up the list of authors in this collection.

It is a unique building, with an area of ​​1,000 square meters that will become one of the two permanent headquarters of the ENAIRE Collection of Contemporary Art, together with the one projected in La Arquería de Nuevos Ministerios in Madrid.


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