The Government approaches five ETA prisoners after the controversial act of destruction of weapons

The Government approaches five ETA prisoners after the controversial act of destruction of weapons

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One day after the symbolic destruction of almost 1,500 weapons seized for decades by state security forces from terrorist organizations, mostly from ETA, the Ministry of Interior has announced the approach to prisons near the Basque Country of 5 ETA members, two of them convicted of crimes of blood.

The General Secretariat of Penitentiary Institutions has reported that Asier Carrera Arenzana, the ETA member who in 2000 operated the remote control of the explosive placed in a car who killed the socialist leader Fernando Buesa and his bodyguard, the ertzaintza Jorge Díaz, when they were walking down a street in Vitoria, he entered the Álava jail to continue serving his sentence.

The one from Carrera Arenzana It is one of the five approaches by ETA prisoners to prisons in the Basque Country agreed this Friday by the General Secretary of Penitentiary Institutions, and that weekly receive harsh criticism from some groups of victims such as the Victims of Terrorism Association (AVT).

Precisely, this association has reproached in a statement that Carrera is transferred to the Alava prison, the province in which the Buesa family resides, and that the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, “strives” to ensure that ETA has been defeated, when “The institutional arm of the band is getting stronger every day thanks to their decisions.”

In addition to Carrera, sentenced to 30 years in prison, Prisons has ordered the transfer of prison from four other ETA members, two of them, like Race to Basque Prisons; specifically, that of Martutene in San Sebastián, to which Miguel Guillermo San Argimiro Isasa and Aitor Esnaola Dorronsoro will be led, while that of El Dueso, in Cantabria, will be transferred Gorka Martínez, and that of Topas, Salamanca, Josu Ordóñez Fernandez.

According to Penitentiary Institutions, Asier Carrera entered prison on November 14, 2000, will serve three-quarters of the sentence in 2023, accepts prison law, rejects violence, recognizes the pain caused and the need to repair the victims. It is paying, highlights the statement, civil liability.

The ETA member pointed out during his trial that Buesa, vice-lehendakari of the Basque Government, deputy general of Álava and spokesman for the PSE-EE in the Basque Parliament, among other positions, was the objective of ETA “not because of being a member of the PSE, but as directly responsible for the conflict that is lived in Euskal Herria “.

To the Martutene prison, in San Sebastián, will be approached from Soria Miguel Guillermo San Argimiro Isasa, in prison since 2002 and that last July he was transferred from Cáceres to Soria.

The ETA member is serving a 25-year sentence for havoc, armed gang, robbery and glorification of terrorism and has just served three-quarters of the sentence. He has submitted a document in which he rejects the violence and acknowledges and regrets the damage caused.

Even this very jail, that of Martutene, Aitor Esnaola Dorronsoro will also be approached after spending five months in the Soria prison, to which he was taken in October from the Ocaña prison in Toledo.

Esnaola Dorronsoro was a member of the Erreko command, an ETA strategic project to store and distribute explosives to operational groups that was dismantled in 2011.

Accused of the crimes of integration into a terrorist organization, possession of weapons and deposit of explosives, he entered jail in April 2011 and is serving an 18-year sentence, three-quarters of which he will see satisfied in 2024.

Penitentiary Institutions assures that it accepts the penitentiary legality and has sent a letter in which it expresses its rejection of violence and acknowledges the damage caused.

Of the five inmates who will be approached soon, the one who will travel the greatest distance will be Josu Ordóñez Fernández, from the Cádiz prison to Salamanca. He is one of the terrorists convicted for his participation in the kidnapping of businessman Cosme Delclaux in 1996 for 232 days.

According to the Ordóñez Prisons note He has already served three-quarters of his sentence, 17 and a half years.

The last transfer is that of Gorka Martínez Ahedo, from the prison of A Lama (Pontevedra) to that of El Dueso (Cantabria).

In 2003 he was sentenced to 17 years as an accessory to the murder. scored by José Santana Ramos when we have the information. In 2004 the National Court sentenced him to 32 years for his participation in the attack that cost the life of José Benigno Villalobos Blanco. He was also sentenced to 46 years in prison for trying to assassinate the former president of the Basque Parliament Juan María Atutxa on five occasions and on another occasion, Army sergeant José Carollo Raña.

He entered prison on July 8, 2002 and serving a 30-year sentence for the crimes of murder, attacks and robbery with violence.


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