The Swiss population supports the Federal Council in corona measures

The Swiss population supports the Federal Council in corona measures


According to political geographer Michael Hermann, the Swiss population is behind the Federal Council’s corona measures. The state government meets the attitude of the population quite well, Hermann told the newspapers of the Tamedia group.

In some cases, the population had even more stringent measures than the Federal Council. It was noticeable how well the people were informed about the measures to contain the corona virus, said Hermann based on its monitoring on behalf of the SRF.

The people judge the measures accordingly in a differentiated manner. In the past, a majority have spoken out against the closure of shops. At the same time, however, the population voted to close restaurants because of the risk of infection.

The Swiss could have seen in autumn what happens if you don’t protect yourself enough. The virus then continues to spread. The number of infections skyrocketed.

If the National Council now issued a declaration calling for restaurants and leisure facilities to be reopened in just under three weeks, the majority of the population was not behind them, Hermann, head of the Sotomo research center, said.

The “Covid Norms” monitoring by the University of Zurich also shows that the Federal Council has the population on its side with its line. The surveys show that the people support the rules of distance and the mask requirement – and this even when the number of cases is falling.


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