the way out of the crisis goes through a change of model

the way out of the crisis goes through a change of model

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Asunción, March 5 (EFE) .- The president of the Liberal Party of Paraguay, Efraín Alegre, the largest of the opposition, considered that the solution to the health crisis, which this Friday cost the Minister of Health his position, passes through the replacement of a model “that has scandalously stolen from the Paraguayan for more than 60 years.”

The shortage of basic medicines for serious covid patients and the overcrowding of hospitals forced the resignation of Julio Mazzoleni hours before a citizen protest called for today in the Congress squares to demand his removal.

“People already know that this is not fixed by changing the minister, it is not fixed with the old model of cupola arrangements (…) it is about changing this model that has scandalously stolen the Paraguayan for more than 60 years,” he said. Cheerful in a video broadcast on social networks.

Alegre referred to the almost uninterrupted time of government of the ruling conservative Colorado Party, whose hegemony was altered by the center-left of former Catholic Bishop Fernando Lugo (2008-2012).

And he reaffirmed that “it is about changing this model that is robbing Paraguayans of their medicine, their vaccine, their supplies, for the vaccines and medicines that we already pay for them”, alluding to the contingency credit of 1,600 million dollars approved by Congress a year ago to face the pandemic.

Alegre spent 20 days in preventive detention, between January 28 and February 16, in a case for alleged misrepresentation of expenses in the 2018 general elections, which he lost to Abdo Benítez, although he considers that it is part of a political persecution.

And he pointed out as instigator former president Horacio Cartes (2013-2018), also of the Colorado Party, who frequently accuses of being the head of a “mafia” that controls the Justice, the Prosecutor’s Office and other organs of power, including Abdo Benítez, a who designates as “foreman” of his predecessor.

For this reason, he referred to both as a “two-headed monster that has ended up collapsing the system” by fivefold in seven years the country’s foreign debt “from $ 2.5 billion to $ 12 billion.”

“Debt to steal, that’s what it is about (and) the mobilization is underway, today people are going for all of you,” Alegre highlighted about the concentration called by various citizen sectors through social networks.

The management of Abdo Benítez has already been peppered with reports of corruption at the beginning of the quarantine period when detecting cases of irregularities in tenders and public purchases of materials and medical supplies to reinforce hospitals.

And that of Mazzoleni exploded this week with the reaction of doctors and nurses who for two days concentrated in front of the headquarters several health centers to denounce the lack of drugs and supplies, especially for those affected by the coronavirus.

The shortage has become evident as cases of covid accumulate in the South American country, with a sustained increase in infections that put the precarious conditions of public health to the limit.

Mazzoleni, temporarily replaced by his deputy minister Julio Borda, leaves office when the country accumulates 3,256 deaths and 164,310 infections, amid a delayed immunization of its population of 7.3 million people. EFE

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