We’re waiting, USA is already vaccinating monkeys against Corona

The first zoo monkeys are vaccinated against the corona virus


© KEN BOHN / AFP / picturedesk.com

The zoo keepers at the San Diego Zoo have started vaccinating monkeys. This could soon happen elsewhere as well.

Like the US broadcaster CBS reported that vaccinations on monkeys have started at the zoo in the California city of San Diego. The primates responded well to the vaccination and did not develop any side effects, said a zoo employee. The very first vaccination was given to the most prominent zoo inhabitant: the orangutan lady Karen caused a sensation in 1994 when she was the first representative of her kind to receive an open heart operation.

The vaccine is a product from the US company Zoetis, which was specially developed for animals. The zoo cites the threatened situation of great apes (scientific hominidae) such as gorillas, orangutans and chimpanzees worldwide as the reason for the vaccination campaign. Also in January of this year eight animals fell ill with the virus.

Vaccinations are designed for individual diseases or viruses – and can therefore be used in humans as well as animals. In the past, the primates in the zoo were also vaccinated against the flu or measles.

The vaccination was approved for animals months ago. The vaccinated animals would soon be tested for antibodies to see if the vaccinations were successful.

Other US zoos have also ordered vaccination doses for their animals. Zoetis is also currently conducting tests with vaccination on mink. In Denmark 15 million animals recently had to be slaughtered because they carried the virus.

In February 2020, a pet tested positive for Covid-19 for the first time. It was about to a dog in Hong Kong.


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