With air in the fork over hill and dale

With air in the fork over hill and dale

With the Xplor Pro 7448 Air Fork, WP Suspension presents a new air suspension fork for heavy use on light enduros.

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It’s no secret: a telescopic fork guiding the front wheel is a compromise. Responsiveness and weight play a major role, and the steel springs used in particular contribute to both. The use of air chambers for suspension has been widespread on mountain bikes for decades, and the proverbial children’s shoes are appropriate for off-road motorcycles.

New fork from WP Suspension

WP Suspension, known as the manufacturer of the KTM series chassis, is launching the Xplor Pro 7448 Air Fork, a new air suspension fork. It will be available from March for retrofitting for the EXC and EXC-F models between 150 and 500 cubic meters from KTM (from 2017) and thus also for the Husqvarna TE models (from 2017) as well as for the GasGas EC and EC F models (from 2021).

Air springs, oil dampens

WP divides the new 48-millimeter fork technically into two parts: the spring system with the air chamber sits in the left bar, the right the oil damping system for the compression and rebound stages. All three fully adjustable. For the air chamber, the fork comes with a high-pressure hand pump with digital display that allows the spring rate to be set even off-road. WP states that the Pro 7448 weighs 7.5 kilograms, which is a good kilogram less than a conventional suspension fork. The installation length is 945 millimeters, the spring travel of 304 millimeters is based on the compatible motorcycles from KTM, Husqvarna and GasGas. The handlebar for the damping works with a closed system, which should prevent the oil from foaming in the event of rapid and frequent impacts, while the so-called cone valve technology increases the damping, but should not damage comfort. The fork legs are made of aluminum.

Who is this good for?

The selection of compatible vehicles shows it clearly: WP did not develop the 7448 for nose drills. The fork should be used in professional enduro sport. This is due to the high priority given to puncture resistance and reliable damping during high jumps. With the air suspension and damping valves, WP would like to combine even hard settings with a certain comfort.


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