Yankees manager Aaron Boone to undergo surgery to receive a pacemaker

Yankees manager Aaron Boone to undergo surgery to receive a pacemaker

12 years ago, Boone underwent open heart surgery.

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12 years ago, Boone underwent open heart surgery.

The manager of the New York Yankees, Aaron Boone, you will undergo a surgical procedure in which a pacemaker will be placed, for which he received a medical license from the club, as specified in an official statement published on the social networks of the Bronx.

“The manager Aaron Boone you will take immediate medical leave to receive a pacemaker. The surgery is expected to take place later today at St. Joseph Hospital in Tampa. We send love to our employer, ”the team wrote.

For his part, Boone also expressed his feelings through a letter that was published in the same way.

“My faith is strong and my spirits are high. I am in a great mood because I know I am in good hands with the doctors and medical staff here… They are sure that today’s surgery will allow me to resume all my usual professional and personal activities and give me a positive long-term health prognosis without having to change anything in my way of life ”, he expressed.

I hope to return to work in the next few days, but during my brief absence, I have full confidence that our coaches, staff and players will continue training and preparation at the same level that we have had.“, He complemented.


Boone has a history of heart problems and he underwent open heart surgery in 2009. In recent days, she experienced mild light-headedness, lack of energy, and shortness of breath. Thus, underwent tests and was found to have a low heart rate, for which he will undergo the new surgery, which, according to the statement, will take place a little later today.

As the manager recovers, his place will most likely be taken on an interim basis by the bench coach. Carlos Mendoza placeholder image.

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