Combine your favorite jeans to get the best out of them according to your height

Combine your favorite jeans to get the best out of them according to your height

Yves Saint Laurent He once said that he would have loved to be the creator of the jeans, a garment that in his words has everything you want in your clothes: expression, modesty, sex appeal and simplicity. It is precisely because of these qualities that it is about pants which we usually turn to for all kinds of occasions, which is why they are one of the kings of our wardrobe.

If they are usually essential in themselves, their use has been reinforced during this year of social isolation when we want to give the children a break. leggings or others sportswear. The search for him maximum comfort has made the Jeans styles in trend for 2021 They will adopt loose, baggy and flared formal so that we can walk freely with them without that uncomfortable feeling when they are very tight.

Nostalgia for the fashion industry has brought the trends where do the mom jeans, but also the wide, straight, flared Y baggy; the reigning forms of the 70s and 90s. retro comfort will stay with us for a while longer, which is why we give you some simple style tips so that you can get the most out of your figure when wearing them considering your height.

If you measure less than 1.60

© Edward Berthelot
Always try to expose your ankles if you are short.

The best pants to which the short women is to those who stylize your legs and make them look longer. The short jeans like culottes, cropped or wide boot, are some of the jeans that make you look younger but that also add to this purpose. What you want to make sure is that your ankles are visible and reinforce it with some shoes Peak, with platform boots or sandals.

Play with garment lengths that complement your style will add points. Go for cardigans, sweaters with volume on the sleeves or shirts with puff sleeves to create a hourglass illusion and enhance your curves. You can also use bold colors or patterns to focus attention on a specific location. The vertical cuts they will make you look taller.

If you measure 1.60

Straight-cut jeans from the Valentino spring-summer 2021 collection.

© Vogue Mexico and Latin America
Straight-cut jeans from the Valentino spring-summer 2021 collection.

It is a myth that you cannot find clothes that flatter you if you are petite. The secret is to find the ones that are perfectly fit your body And if that is not the case when you buy something new, you can always have them made to make sure of it. Choose the jeans that above all frame your waist, as they do to perfection mom jeans because they are characterized by being high-rise. If the length does not suit you but they bring out the best face of your figure, you can roll them up a few inches.

A style trick that you can implement when wearing them is to opt at the top for short tops O crop jackets to make your legs look longer. You can also enhance the effect if you choose those models that go in a deep blue and you close with chunky heels or wide-soled tennis shoes for the days you want to stay comfortable.

If you are 1.70 or taller

If you are tall, do not stop trying the models in trend.

© Courtesy of Rodebjer
If you are tall, do not stop trying the models in trend.

One of the advantages when you are high is that you can wear practically any model, however, consider that the I roll the jeans that you choose not to be too long is something imperative. You can opt for options high shot as dictated by trends with us baggy, mom jeans o de tiro recto; or go for a low-rise flared that will flatter you equally.

Play with combinations of long garments to get a look trendy from basics, such as white shirts, printed blouses or with a bodysuit on solid colors. This can give you a classic styling and elegant that you can wear any day and enhance with accessories to finish styling.

There is a model with which no one can err, regardless of their height. Its about corte wide leg, a trend that stands out both on the catwalks and in street style. Follow the keys listed above to get the best out of them, let them be high rise if you are short and some medium or low waist if you are tall. It all comes down to proportions.


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