dm heir Kevin David Lehmann is the youngest super-rich in the world

dm heir Kevin David Lehmann is the youngest super-rich in the world

Lehmann has been 18 since September – and has been able to dispose of his billion-dollar legacy ever since. That brings him into prominent company in the “Forbes” ranking.

Entrepreneur heir Kevin David Lehmann moves to the top of the youngest billionaires on his 18th birthday.

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Entrepreneur heir Kevin David Lehmann moves to the top of the youngest billionaires on his 18th birthday.

The US business magazine “Forbes” has been ranking the richest people in the world for decades. In 2021, the list will include $ 2,755 billionaires. Far from the top, where Amazon founder Jeff Bezos once again overtook Tesla mastermind Elon Musk in this year’s ranking, Kevin David Lehmann is also a young German on the list.

The 3.3 billion dollars to which “Forbes” the fortune of the heir Drugstore chain dm valued, put him in the middle of the field, on rank 925. But that makes the 18-year-old the youngest billionaire in the world. And that is now attracting international attention to him and his family of entrepreneurs, who are considered secretive.

With more than 60,000 employees and around 3,700 branches dm the leading drugstore chain in Europe. In 2017, father Günther Lehmann had apparently transferred his 50 percent stake to the son without being noticed. Kevin David was 14 years old at the time, and a trustee managed his assets until his 18th birthday in September 2020. According to “Forbes”, Lehmann is still not involved in the operative business. Lehmann is still super rich.

Little is known about the family. Günther Lehmann joined the drugstore chain in 1974 as a partner. Founder Götz Werner had just opened his second shop and didn’t have the money for further expansion. Lehmann was able to help: The then 33-year-old was previously a partner in the Baden supermarket chain Pfannkuch. For his investment in dm he received 50 percent of the shares.

To this day he remains in the background. Werner, on the other hand, enjoys celebrity status and is celebrated as a model entrepreneur in the industry. His son Christoph Werner is the company’s second heir. The 44-year-old works in the management and is responsible for marketing.

Kevin David Lehmann keeps a low profile like his father. That goes for many in the top ten of the youngest super-rich. Second place went to the 24-year-old Chinese Wang Zelong, who took over a 1.3 billion euro stake in a Chinese industrial company. Third and fourth place are shared by the Norwegian siblings Alexandra (24) and Katharina Andresen (25). Both are heirs to the family-run investment company Ferd. Together they come to a fortune of nearly three billion dollars.

Billionaire Kylie Jenner is much more prominent. The American reality TV actress is rated at 224 million Instagram-Followers as a world star and led the “Forbes” ranking of the youngest billionaires in 2020. This year she does not appear on the list.

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