Fined for skipping the perimeter fence when he went to buy food for his celiac wife: “It’s a shame”

Holy Week ends with 8,600 fines for breaking restrictions and 99 detainees, half of them in Madrid

Civil Guard restrictions

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Civil Guard restrictions

The perimeter closures of provinces, regions or autonomous communities are lived with absolute normality at present, but a little more than a year ago they were unthinkable, as happens with many restrictions due to the coronavirus. Those in charge of enforcing these closures are the state security forces and bodies, although in many regions it is mainly the Civil Guard. However, There are a number of exceptions by which this restriction can be circumvented, and it was precisely one of them that has caused a controversial case.

Maria Piedad is a woman who lives in the municipality of Vitigudino, in the province of Salamanca. Everyone there knows him as Mari. She is married and they have three children, one of them with a disability. What’s more, She was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2018 and this has caused her some health complications. The last was anemia, which has taken him off work for a season and prevented him from even getting out of bed for many days.

Vitigudino is 64 kilometers from Salamanca and is “the closest place to buy gluten-free products,” he explains to 20Minutos. When he suffered from anemia and ran out of food to feed himself on, her husband got in the car and left town on the way to Salamanca, accompanied by his son with a disability, who could not be left alone with his mother in his condition. At that time there was a perimeter closure of the municipality, and it was then that two Civil Guard agents stopped their vehicle and began the conversation.

“I was talking to him by video call when they stopped him, because he doesn’t know Salamanca and sometimes I tell him where to go. In addition, my doctor made me a certificate stating that I am celiac and that my husband can travel to the city to buy food for me. The agent addressed him without a mask and when he read the document, he laughed and said it was a ridiculous role, that it was just an excuse to go to the city and that he had made it up, “explains Mari.

The situation was increasingly tense, the woman tried to show the agent more documents through the video call where it appears that she is celiac while the agent did not believe anything of her version. In this nervous environment, “my son had a seizure, because due to his disability he suffers these attacks when he is scared. At that moment, my husband got out of the car to attend to him and it was the last straw. He told him that he did not have authorization to get up and fined him for breaching the perimeter closure, “says the mother, who witnessed the events through the video call.

After receiving the fine, the agent -who was the sergeant of the Civil Guard barracks in Santa Marta, assures Mari- sent him a patrol “to follow him from where they were until he left Salamanca, to make sure that he did not stop. and went home without any gluten-free food. I was able to eat because a friend of my husband’s who comes to work in town did us a favor.. It’s a shame, “the woman denounces.

These events occurred at the beginning of March, but the fine with the sanction did not reach them until just a few days ago. It was then that Mari began to ask for help to denounce what for her is “clearly an injustice”. He managed to contact the Federation of Celiac Associations of Spain (FACE), who filed a formal complaint with the Ombudsman.

This body responded this Tuesday defending Mari and her husband, with a letter detailing that “as long as the indicated persons can demonstrate their condition as celiac patients or that of minors in their charge, the displacement to the places of sale of specialized products falls within the justified causes for circulation, according to article 7 of Royal Decree 463/2020 “.

Mari is very clear that she is going to do everything possible not to pay the 601 euros fine that was imposed on her husband. “I already have an appointment to go to the Junta de Castilla y León and make a formal letter to denounce this outrage”Mari points out. In addition, she points out that her doctor has made new reports to her justifying the need for her husband’s displacement, “because it was very necessary and I didn’t have to starve.”

On the other hand, Mari explains that she has already contacted a lawyer, who has explained that “I do not have to pay that fine and that We will go to court if necessary, because you have the disease. “ In addition, she assures that she has the support of several celiac associations and with the testimony of her husband’s friend, who brought her the food and is willing to testify.

Finally, she denounces that the Civil Guard of that barracks has kept the license plate of her husband’s car and every time he goes to Salamanca “they are behind him and follow him” and even told him that “Celiacs are celiac so that whatever they want and are cheap excuses”, to which he replied that his wife had been close to dying from this disease. “We have felt humiliated,” concludes Mari.

From the Civil Guard they have indicated to 20Minutes that choose not to make assessments regarding the complaint of this citizen.


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