Jens Spahn now also wants a harder lockdown

Jens Spahn now also wants a harder lockdown

It’s not a popular demand, but Jens Spahn jumps on the bandwagon after the Chancellor has gone ahead: tightening the lockdown, nationwide if possible.

Jens Spahn

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Jens Spahn

Bad values, high demands

Let’s keep the facts together: One third wave No one has to doubt it anymore, because it is already spilling through the middle of Germany. Medication are not in sight that Vaccinate is only progressing slowly.

A tough lockdown with Curfews, if necessary also during the day and nationwide, i.e. in every federal state, seems to be the demand of the hour. The Chancellor wants it that way, but so far it still has to be Prime Minister bow down if they don’t want to play along.

The struggle for unity

And now The Federal Minister of Health would like that too. The high Infection numbers and incidence values ​​don’t do well in the Spahn file either.

For him it is above all a matter of concern nationwide Procedure: “It is important that we first come to a uniform understanding of the situation.” This then probably means above all the option of a uniform lockdown.

The limits of federalism

Spahn sees the problem as he is in the context of a Interviews in the “Morgenecho” (WDR5) commented on the situation, in that “the federal and state governments agree on something and just a few days later it will no longer be implemented uniformly across the country, but there are exceptions and other rules”.

However: For a uniform approach, this would be required Approval of all 16 sovereigns. In their approaches to solving the problem, however, they are sometimes far from each other. It would take someone to overrule them Modification of the Vaccination Protection Act, which in turn also from Federal Council would have to be decided and there – you guessed it – the sovereigns have the last word again.

A confused situation, in the Spahn demand, but it cannot be assumed that this requirement will also be met.


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