Opposition criticism after the Corona summit

Opposition criticism after the Corona summit

SPÖ and FPÖ criticize the government after the Corona summit on Friday. Since mid-February there has been no central control of the pandemic measures, said SPÖ chairman Pamela Rendi-Wagner at a press conference on Friday. The FPÖ called the measures “obviously not evidence-based”: “They are excessive and not proportionate,” said Deputy Party Chairman Harald Stefan in a broadcast.

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“The government left the command bridge in mid-February and took on the role of moderator and pandemic commentator, but certainly not the role of helmsman,” complained Rendi-Wagner. The management of the pandemic is currently in the hands of the state governors, and the motto is: “Everyone does what he wants now.” This has the consequence that the population is even less familiar. “You cannot manage a cross-continent pandemic on a small and small scale.”

Rendi-Wagner also criticized the approach in Burgenland. There the openings were made too early, the number of patients in intensive care units would not allow such opening steps.

The SPÖ leader named Denmark as a model: A consistent line had been followed throughout the country. As a result, extrapolated to the population, only half of the dead were recorded, and the country could now open. In contrast, Austria was worse off with its back and forth: “We didn’t have this fish, not meat, not openly, not drawn out too much.” Openings should therefore be “more careful, but more sustainable”. The prerequisite for this is, above all, that the occupancy rate of the intensive care beds is less than 30 percent.

“A lockdown should only be the last resort, but this card is preferred,” criticized Stefan, who instead of party leader Norbert Hofer had attended today’s video conference with experts and the government. In addition, it has “no significant effect on the infection process,” as the comparisons between the eastern region with a hard lockdown and western federal states showed.

Even the government experts would confirm that the risk of infection outdoors is practically zero, said Stefan. It is incomprehensible why no sport is allowed outside, there are no open-air events, outdoor dining areas have to remain closed and people with exit restrictions are “seized” is incomprehensible. “Politicians are shooting at sparrows with cannons.”

The NEOS propose an “autumn summit” soon: “We now have to consciously look to autumn – including how things are going in schools”, party leader Beate Meinl-Reisinger said in a broadcast. At the moment, more corona tests are also needed – this is where professional group tests are supported.

Before summer, of course, you fight for face-to-face classes every day – “but it must be clarified in any case that nationwide normal classes are possible in autumn,” says the NEOS boss. She also warned of a transparent communication and strategy: “We are still in favor of regional measures, but the federal government must finally present transparent and clear parameters.” In any case, central control is the task of the federal government.


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