“Meat consumption has dropped 15 kilos since 2015”


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The Government reaped support for the closure of meat exports to control prices in the domestic market, not only in political spaces close to the ruling party, but also in SME market-internist industries and workers in the popular economy. The main arguments: the fall in domestic consumption due to its difficult access and gaining time to order the market.

“Compared to 2015, currently each Argentine consumes 15 kilos less of meat per year and this speaks of the chaotic situation of a market that, favoring the profitability of some of the sector’s segments, especially the most concentrated ones, has already depleted the domestic market. From the prices that are being paid today for food, it prevents many families from having access to essential goods, “said the Minister of Production of Buenos Aires, Augusto Costa.

“All this that was stopped being consumed is what we are exporting to order the market and find outlets. It is not a definitive measure that could generate an impact on the sector, it is a temporary measure to return to the table of Argentines what we need to to be able to get through this moment, ”Costa continued.

The former Secretary of Commerce was decisive when referring to the reaction of the Liaison Table to the measures: “Who are hurt by suspending the commercialization of meat and preventing the market from working properly? Most of the people who it needs these foods in order to live. ”

The national deputy and general secretary of the CTA of the Workers, Hugo Yasky, focused on the stoppage of commercialization called by the Liaison Table and warned that in Argentina the price of meat is paid “as if we lived in Paris.”

“These sectors of power, meat exporters, want 60 percent of Argentines to continue to have cobwebs on their plates, on knives and forks, to continue eating polenta and noodles. For them the most important thing is their bank accounts and keep putting dollars out of the country, “Yasky questioned.

The general secretary of the Union of Workers of the Popular Economy (UTEP), Esteban “Gringo” Castro, also considered the measure as “correct” to sit down to discuss a problem that is already “historical”. “It is very difficult for us, in the popular neighborhoods, to continue banking on increases in meat and other foods, which are unattainable prices for working families and the most humble,” he stressed.

Eduardo Montes, from the Federation of Workers for the Social Economy (Fetraes), added: “We understand that it is a priority of our Government to govern for the most neglected sectors, which in addition to being punished by the treacherous rise in food prices today are being punished by the tragedy of the pandemic. ”

The president of the SME Association and reference of the National Productive Front, Daniel Moreira, stated on his social networks that “exporting meat is necessary, but it can never be above the people having access to it.” “Start with the last to reach everyone,” he added in his message referring to the campaign slogan used by the Frente de Todos.

“Recovering the domestic market, which the Cambiemos alliance destroyed, is a difficult but indispensable task,” Moreira added, and said that it is just as a priority “to curb those who speculate with prices, abusing their dominant positions in the market so that do not end up absorbing through the increase the resources dumped with great effort by the national State.

Butcher Shop Owners Association President Alberto Williams said the official provision should be the starting point to “organize this market that has exploded.” “The measure at the moment is good; in the Liniers Market there is a problem, not enough property is entering for internal consumption,” he explained.

Williams pointed out that “the butchers did not lack meat, but with this price it is impossible to continue working; and people will practically not buy meat because a kilo of milanesas at 850 pesos is nonsense, it does not fit the pocket of the Argentine consumer “.


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