“Cristina Kirchner returned in good shape just at electoral time”


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Jorge Lanata He opened his program Periodismo Para Todos (PPT) this Sunday, June 20, with the classic monologue on the country’s political news and criticized the vice president, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, when expressing that he returned “in good mode” for the election year.

Along these lines, the journalist and driver argued that the president, Alberto Fernandez, made “flipcharts”, spoke about the return to classes in the Province of Buenos Aires and revealed that the governor of Formosa, Gildo InsfranHe travels in a private jet that “costs the people of Formosa 10 thousand dollars.”

“Cristina assured that the Government is not responsible for the lack of vaccines, and that the people who did not go to be vaccinated because of” the fear campaign. “She did not say anything about the VIP vaccination, or about the vaccines that we do not buy from Pfizer, He returned to put the campaign on his shoulder and Axel to upa “, began Jorge Lanata.

Along these lines, he asserted that the vice president returned “in good mode” because 2021 is a campaign year. “And he came back in a good way, that just, look what a coincidence, it coincides with the electoral years,” said Lanata.

Double rod. Cristina Kirchner reappeared to tell us not to do what she usually does.

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Double rod. Cristina Kirchner reappeared to tell us not to do what she usually does.

In this framework, the driver of PPT recalled the last public interventions of the President of the Nation and he questioned CFK again. “After Alberto Fernández’s paperwork, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner started the week speaking. Although it may seem incredible, she had never made reference to the more than 88,000 deaths from the virus that we have in the country until today,” criticized the journalist.

“Cristina He said that vaccination should not be mixed with politics. And yes, because Putin can send you vaccines or nuclear bases, but no votes yet, “Lanata explained regarding the speech of the president of the Senate last Monday in La Plata.

Health system reform: “It’s a box of about $ 125 billion”

In the first part of his monologue, Jorge Lanata followed the critical line against the ruling party and added one of the issues that were installed last week: the reform of the health system, something that CFK expressed during an act with Axel Kicillof in La Plata.

“Of course, Cristina took the opportunity to throw away the idea of ​​reforming the health system. Translated from the Kirchner language into Spanish, it means something like: we want to keep that box too,” analyzed the co-founder of Page 12 Y Criticism of Argentina.

Then, he expressed that it is a box of a lot of money and left floating the idea that it could be used for this year’s elections. “We are talking about nothing less than a box of about 125 billion that are managed by prepaid medicine companies and union social works, which – you know what? – could also be used for other purposes in electoral times,” Lanata analyzed

Salta: “Alberto spoke in public again. But this time he carried a machete”

Last week, after communicative errors that had repercussions, Alberto Fernández began to support his public discourse with written material. “Alberto was happy because they recognized him and greeted” Salta la linda “and also” Salta, la fea “, because it is not right to discriminate. Alberto went back to speaking in public. But this time he carried a machete “, Jorge Lanata joked about the President.

Alberto Fernandez SALTA 20210617

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Alberto Fernandez SALTA 20210617

Then, he continued mixing political humor with criticism regarding the visit of the head of state to Salta for the anniversary of Martin Miguel de Güemes. “In that act, and with his peculiar style of ingratiating himself with the living and the dead, Alberto announced that Güemes will have his legal circulation ticket. Likewise, they are printing so much that they could put the face not only of Güemes, but also of all his gauchos” said the driver.

Denouncement of Gildo Insfrán

In another order, Lanata made an accusation against the governor of Formosa, Gildo Insfrán, and affirmed that he travels in a private jet that “It costs the people of Formosa about $ 10,000. ”

The journalist maintained that the governor ordered on May 1 to return to Phase 1, but that “he was able to fly to Buenos Aires and other provinces to political events and meetings with national officials.”

“How? Hiring a private jet. Each flight costs the people of Formosa about $ 10,000. Insfrán leaves in the morning and returns at night, or at most the next day. That is, $ 20,000 in 24 hours”, Lanata stated.

Formosa Gildo Insfrán g_20201114

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Formosa Gildo Insfrán g_20201114

Then he gave more precise data on costs and contracted companies. “The private planes are baires fly, which he hires through the firm” Unicos Air “. So far this year he made 18 trips. Most of them to Buenos Aires, where he comes up to 4 times a month. He also traveled by private jet to La Rioja and Catamarca. He spent a total of about 180 thousand dollars. Last year he contracted another 24 flights, “said Lanata.

Then, he explained that the province has a government plane but Insfrán decides to use another transport.



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