the video of a wedding with drunk guests that went viral on social networks

the video of a wedding with drunk guests that went viral on social networks

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A video shared through the platform Tik Tok, So what exhibits a group of guests who were part of a wedding before and after “soaking in alcohol”, went viral both on the Chinese platform and on the social network Twitter.

The marriage party took place on a beach in Mexico and had Lali and Mariano as the main protagonists. Shortly before the wedding, her friends had no better idea than show how each one of them “deteriorated” when ingesting alcoholic beverages.

“Hi, I’m Lali the bride and this is my first drink …” the footage begins shyly and innocently. Seconds later, Lali appears on camera again but, this time, with several more drinks: “Hi, I’m the bride and this is cup number … I don’t know (laughs).

One by one, the guests proceeded to introduce themselves, showing the drink they had in hand and then, little by little, rIdiculate themselves while the party and alcohol consumed and disoriented them. The original video was released by the account Gianna Cristante.

Currently, it has about four million views and continues to go viral on other platforms under the name “Marisela”, one of the people in the footage. However, not everyone believed that it was something funny.

A large number of users, mainly from Twitter, They criticized that those who were celebrating there were only promoting the consumption of alcohol in excess. They also emphasized the lack of protocols for the coronavirus pandemic.



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