7 habits to adopt in your 30s to fight against aging

7 habits to adopt in your 30s to fight against aging

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You can fight against aging, but it’s not really easy. You have to combine a voucher diet, a good exercise program, and a few healthy habits that are best adopted before gray hair and signs of aging (such as unexplained pain) start to appear. The human body was not designed to last forever and it is inevitable to reach a point where everything starts to go bad, but it does not have to happen at the same age for everyone and, according to experts, it does not have to happen at the same age. there are things you can do to slow down the aging process (like some exercises) and become one of those people who seem to have all the energy and great shape at any age. But if you really want look and feel younger for longer, you need to start taking care of yourself before you get older, and your 30s is a great time to start (although you should be doing it all your life). Everything you do has an impact on your body, your health, and your appearance. People who look younger at 70 have always (or have been for a long time) leading a healthy lifestyle, and that’s exactly what you should be doing, too.

What habits to adopt in your thirties to fight against aging?

Wear sunscreen every day

In fact, you should do this all the time, because the soleil is one of the skin’s worst enemies and not only does it age, but it can also cause cancer. It is very important to use sunscreen on your face, hands, neck and all exposed skin, even when you are indoors or when the day is gray and cloudy.

Get a good night’s sleep

Not getting enough sleep or having sleep poor quality conduit not only to exhaustion, but also has a negative effect on your physical health and appearance, causing dark circles under eyes, dull skin and many other problems. You need to have a good sleep routine to make sure you have all the hours you need to recover from the pressures, stress, and situations you’ve been through during the day, and that needs to be a priority.

Eat nutrient-dense foods (and cook at home)

Yes you are that that you eat, and if you want to be a person who looks and feels great forever, it is important that you eat a much healthier diet, where you get all the essential nutrients for your health, your skin and your skin. hair. Cooking at home is important because you can control the ingredients that go into your food, and you can make sure you get more of what is good for you.

You need to exercise regularly

And it’s not just about looking good without clothes orhave chocolate bars ready for the beach. Exercise has many physical and mental health benefits, preventing disease, and helping you stay mobile throughout your life. People can lose muscle mass as they age. So you need to adapt your routine and make sure that exercise is a top priority.

Take care of your mental health

the stress and anxiety make you age faster, it is therefore recommended to keep a good group of friends that you can rely on (we feel good when we are around people we love), but also to do some meditation and, if necessary, to consult a regular therapist to help you stay calm and prevent your problems from consuming you.

Create a skin care routine

It’s not just about Solar cream, but also to use the products that help you have healthy skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines, dark circles and other problems. A moisturizer is essential, as well as a serum and eye creams.

Drink water

A hydrated skin will always look better, but it’s not just about external hydration – your body needs water to function properly, so it’s important to get into the habit of consuming at least two liters a day ( but it can be more if you exercise and sweat a lot) – this is essential for your brain, your muscles and for your skin to look radiant and healthy.

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