Margarita Stolbizer supported Manes, but was lapidary with the posts of Sabrina Ajmechet

Margarita Stolbizer supported Manes, but was lapidary with the posts of Sabrina Ajmechet

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Already in the campaign as a candidate for national deputy for the list ‘Take the Step” in the open, simultaneous and compulsory primaries (PASO) of Juntos por el Cambio (JxC), Margaret Stolbizer spoke this Saturday with Jorge Rizzo in its cycle Law People by Radio Cooperative, and substitute that “(Facundo) Manes makes many nervous with his imprint, but he comes to politics to contribute “. The GEN leader was also harsh with the posts of Sabrina Ajmechet, one of the pre-candidates on the list headed by Maria Eugenia Vidal, considering that “I think everything this woman has written is brutal.”

“The PASO must be idealized or dramatized, they are only a legal mechanism that will define the order of the candidates in November,” Storlbizer remarked, indicating that “I would prefer that there was not this level of tension but it also gives me the impression that there are interests that this is complicated and some fall into these traps ”

“Manes was awarded an intention that he did not have when he said not to use state resources for the electoral campaign,” added Margarita, pointing out that “some felt touched without Manes having said this as an imputation.”

“Manes made an appeal as a citizen, because if we ask any citizen he has the same idea of ​​the use of state resources for electoral campaigns,” he said about the darts that the neurosurgeon threw at Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, casting shadows on the financing of the Juntos campaign.

“Kirchnerism has made use and abuse and more than once they have shown the confusion they have between public and private businesses, that is why Manes makes a warning, we should not do what is done,” said Sotbizer on Radio Cooperativa, but insisted in emphasizing that “Manes does not come to take anything from politics, he comes to contribute and it is clear that they come to put sticks in his wheels.”

“The proportionality of the places are distributed by binomials to respect gender parity, that is why they enter first and second, then first and second from the other list and so on,” Stobizer also added, who about Sabrina Ajmechet’s controversial posts, some of them highlighting that “the Malvinas do not exist and the belief that they are Argentine is irrational”, published by the member of the Buenos Aires pre-candidate list a few years ago: “Ajmechet seemed a horror to me, it seems to me a beastly all what this woman has written, “concluded the head of the GEN.


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