“The closure of health centers and the lack of personnel in Primary Care puts care for citizens at risk”


SATSE Murcia:

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SATSE Murcia: “The closure of health centers and the lack of personnel in Primary Care puts the care of citizens at risk”

The Nursing Union, SATSE Murcia, has stressed that the increase in the incidence of COVID-19 among young people has once again demonstrated the importance of having a strong and effective Primary Care, as well as the serious shortage of human resources and media endangers its maintenance in the medium and long term.

The high incidence of the coronavirus among young people has once again put the focus on Primary Care centers, since this group does not require, in most cases, admission and hospital care, which is an added burden because Primary has to carry out, in addition to monitoring patients who test positive, and their close contacts, the usual tasks of caring for the population.

Hence, SATSE Murcia calls on the different competent health administrations to keep medical consultations and health centers open and to replace their staff one hundred percent. And it is that, apparently, this summer the suspension of activity in up to 72 peripheral centers is planned, with which many centers will remain in the coming weeks at 50 percent, which could suffer Primary Care if the escalation of the incidence.

“A reality that is even more aggravated by the usual problem of lack of sufficient staff, especially nurses, nurses and physiotherapists, as well as other resources and means, leads to not being able to offer the necessary care and attention in optimal safety and security conditions. quality ”, point out from the union organization.

Something that SATSE has denounced on multiple occasions. Thus, we would avoid the flight of professionals, who after having been trained in our universities, are forced to go to other autonomous communities and even outside the country, looking for better salaries and job opportunities

According to the Union, this serious deficit is being reflected in the fact that many assistance actions that were carried out in the centers in terms of prevention and health promotion are being neglected, also in the attention to thousands of health problems, due to having to focus all efforts on the care, detection and monitoring of COVID cases and contacts, as well as on their usual tasks in the health center.

For this reason, SATSE demands that the administration keep the health centers open, adequate templates for current needs, in addition to establishing a maximum capacity of 1,200 patients for each nurse; that there is at least one physiotherapist in each health center, and that their own budgets be proposed for this level of care.


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