“My family was my vaccination reason for me”


“I work as a general practitioner. In my office hours I had many patients with suspected COVID-19 and also some in whom this has been confirmed. Some had to go to the hospital, there were patients who I was seriously worried about.

Pregnant during Corona

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Pregnant during Corona

So I had a relatively large number of contacts even during the lockdown – and in contrast to those who consider Corona to be harmless, I also noticed processes that I absolutely want to spare myself and my family.

Vaccination During Pregnancy: A Risk?

I would have loved to get vaccinated right away. But that was not possible – because I am pregnant and the effects of the COVID-19 vaccine on unborn children can only be gradually researched. So I vaccinated others without being able to get vaccinated myself. However, I was allowed to name two caregivers who were vaccinated faster as a result: my husband and my father.

Months passed and the knowledge about corona and pregnancy was constantly changing. There have been reports of infected mothers who were not allowed to see their child after the birth, and also of severe progress in the last trimester of pregnancy. Anyone who has ever been pregnant can perhaps remember that during pregnancy you become even more insecure about certain things, that you take them even more to heart. That also applied to me, doctor or not.

One less burden thanks to the 2nd vaccination

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When countries like Israel, the USA and Great Britain recommended vaccination for pregnant women, I found out more, spoke to colleagues – and finally got the vaccine. This decision is not easy for any pregnant woman and I do not want to list my arguments here. Every mother-to-be has to decide for herself.

All I can say is that the second vaccination took a little weight off my shoulders. It will not be long until the birth, when I hear about the increasing number of infections, the chain of thoughts in my head does not immediately rattle off what that could mean for me and my child.

My family was my reason for vaccination. I want my baby to have a nest protection through me and my vaccination. And that the likelihood that I will not be able to look after the newborn and its big brother because of a corona infection has decreased as a result. And I wish for all of us that this pandemic is over soon.

Dorothee F.”

* This article first appeared on focus.de.

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