Sagittarius Horoscope for September 2021: Your Predictions for the Month

Scorpio Horoscope for September 2021: Your Predictions for the Month

This month, it comes to do a lot emphasis on the dreams and plans you have for the future, that vision that you hold and that inspires you to pursue goals, thinking long term. September starts by helping you review where your compass is pointing, so that little by little, you discover what changes you should be considering during September and October.,h_1000,c_limit/horoscopo%20de%20hoy%20newsletter.jpg

Your desire to fight and transform your environment to be able to align with the plans that you want to materialize for your future, increase after the 14th of the month, when Mars enters the area of ​​your chart that governs your long-term expectations. Just as we read it in your horoscopes for September 2021, the six-week cycle that starts this day, you can also inspire to fight for goals or team projects, It is a good time to approach a new social group or collaborators.

On September 22, all these projects gain strength, and you will also notice an increase in your social life. During this time, you can receive invitations and news that allow you reconnect with your friends and contacts. Take advantage of the last days of the month to focus your attention on these issues, because during October, retro Mercury can bring delays or blockages. Speaking of retro Mercury, I suggest you take advantage of September to make a backup of your digital information.

An account: In May and June the eclipses occurred in your sign, those that came to generate important changes and transformations for you. And, by this time of year, you must have already noticed them. The beginning of September will help you discover what’s really moving in your heart, regarding your history as a couple, and if the last few months have distanced or broken you too much, you can prepare for the end.

Take advantage of the energy that arrives on September 6 with the New Moon of this month, a portal that promises to bring new opportunities, beginnings and changes that allow you to manifest job or professional growth. This is the Moon you were waiting for to launch a project, send a job proposal, close a negotiation or knock on doors that help you grow. Your long-term plans will become important around this date.

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A new cycle begins, the stars guide us in this new stage with mysteries and many discoveries to be solved.

This month, is the one that marks the end of a cycle within your history as a couple or your relationship. No, not all of them are separations, these endings can also mark changes and renewal, but for this you must review what has happened over the last nine months between you. If you are single, I suggest you wait until October to start a relationship, because this is a month in which you will prefer to spend time alone.

Around September 13, the events around you, but also your attitude and your energy, will allow you discover all the changes and movements that have been taking place in your world, after the May eclipse.

It is important that you pay attention to what happens on these dates, but also to your emotional process, because the thoughts and emotions that dominate During the month, they will mark the course of the changes that you will manifest after the last solar eclipse in your sign, that of December 4.

The Full Moon of the 20th, may bring some emotional stress to your home or within your family. For some of you, this Moon marks a probable move or family separation, it is time for things to change within the dynamics of your home.


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