A Vox deputy wears a turban and burqa in Congress to challenge “feminist diplomacy”

A Vox deputy wears a turban and burqa in Congress to challenge



The deputy of Vox Víctor Sánchez del Real has exhibited this Thursday in the hemicycle of Congress a turban similar to that worn by the Taliban and a burqa to challenge “feminist diplomacy” of which the Government of Pedro Sánchez boasts.

It has been in the speaker’s gallery, while speaking in a debate on international cooperation, when the representative of Vox has shown everyone present in the Plenary Hall the two garments that he has brought to the stage in an envelope.

“The world has changed Are you going to talk to him about feminist and environmental democracy or ask him how a Taliban feels about gender today?“, has raised the deputy, showing the turban and denouncing that” the 4,000 million euros “that Spain invested in Afghanistan in security and cooperation” have remained in the hands of these gentlemen. ”

Next he has unfolded a blue burqa. “This is the response to feminist and environmental diplomacy, ista, ista, ista, and while they are not clear that this is the harsh reality of the world, any money invested in cooperation, they will be handing it over to them, which is what has happened in the last month, “he said, in reference to the Taliban regime.


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