Airy bob, the new cut that 40 women should try to spice up their mane

Airy bob, the new cut that 40 women should try to spice up their mane


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Haircuts bob are still preferred by all women It is 2021, and we know more and more ways to wear this cool style.

Now, a new type of bob that is great for women over 40 years or more who want to show off a mane of impact.

Its about airy bob, o bob aireado, a cut that is dominating the trends for him autumn, and that is extremely elegant and cool.

This cut is named after the layers and shape that make it so voluminous, perky, and light, defying gravity.

The best thing is that they can take it women with curly, straight, fine hair, it is perfect for every type of hair.

How to wear the airy bob for a lively mane

If you have the thick hair, it is best to wear many layers, to lighten it, and remove the weight of the hair.

If you have it slim, it is best to wear it the same size, and give volume with a spray for Greater volume.

You can also add some Invisible layers to give it more life, and add volume and movement from the roots.

To wear it in the most elegant way you can wash your hair and let it dry naturally, or do it with a hairdryer, placing your head down and drying it from the bottom up, so you will give it more volume.

If you have the curly hair is no problem, you can try this style with many layers, and add some curtain type fringe and you will have a lot of movement.

You can too wear it asymmetrical, bob-a-line style, that is, shorter at the back and long at the front.

The idea is always have the tips inwards, and wear a long side fringe, curtain type, or without fringes, Anyway, it will look very good.

This style will give you a elegant and moving look, as if you were facing the wind all the time.

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