Archdiocese of Monterrey organizes mental health congress

Archdiocese of Monterrey organizes mental health congress

Archdiocese of Monterrey organizes mental health congress. Photo: Special.

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Archdiocese of Monterrey organizes mental health congress. Photo: Special.

The Archdiocese of Monterrey announced the holding of the first mental health congress with a psychospiritual approach, called “Conecta”, which will take place online from October 25 to 30.

“This is a comprehensive health project and it has been called Conecta to insist on the importance of being together in the face of the harsh realities that we suffer locally and globally; the only way is closeness.

“As a result of the covid-19 pandemic, the need to have a psychospiritual approach on mental health (diseases such as anxiety, anguish, suicide and depression) that is being experienced by this circumstance that we face as a society.

“Two aspects that this congress wants to contribute are: knowledge and experience to understand what we are living and also what others are suffering, and then move to an attitude of closeness,” said Archbishop Rogelio Cabrera López, in a virtual press conference.

The only way to get ahead is to listen to what others are experiencing, he added.

Conecta aims to connect man with his body and spirit, as well as channel him with specialists in medicine and psychology.

In Congress It is intended to address the origin of and concern for the anxiety and distress problems that increased during the pandemic in the population, with proposals from the science of the mind and body, but with a spiritual perspective.

The lectures will be given by doctors, bioethicists, psychologists, thanatologists and priests from different countries, among them the Argentine Carlos Spahn, exorcist priest with a degree in dogmatic theology, with the lectures “Connect the three dimensions of being” and “The inheritance of value ”.

Other conferences will be “Bioethics for an integral treatment”, “Historical apologetics”, “Success cases in integral health”, “Neurotransmitters and mental health”, and “The insanity of modern man: characteristics and therapeutic keys”.

For his part, Father Jaime Salvador Valdez explained that the congress will take place over five days, there will be seven conferences, there will be two workshops and a concert.

The event will have a cost of 550 pesos. The invitation is open to the entire community of legal age, without distinguishing religion or belief, said the archbishop.

At the press conference, he was accompanied by those in charge of organizing the congress, the priests César Méndez and Jaime Salvador Valdez, as well as the psychologists Dinorah Tallabs and Karina Castaño, and the coordinator Norma Puente.

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