“Guardiola changed my vision of football 100%”



© Alexander Hassenstein (Getty Images)

Robert Lewandoski granted a interview in El País to talk about soccer, his great passion. The Polish striker spoke about his beginnings and the coaches who have marked him the most, among other matters …

“Why did I choose soccer? Because I did judo, volleyball, basketball, gymnastics, but if I had the ball at my feet I was the happiest child in the world”.

From his long career, he knows which technicians to mention: “With Klopp I learned how to press and steal to get in front of the goal at full speed. With Guardiola I learned a lot about tactics, it changed my vision of football 100%. Ancelotti gave me confidence. Flick was an expert in simplifying the instructions so that everyone knew without effort what each one should be doing. His timing was perfect for creating great competitive atmospheres. ”

And he also got wet talking about the current transfer policy. If you were the president of a soccer club, who would you sign from Messi, Cristiano, Mbappé and Haaland?

At four. But beware that being 20 years old is difficult. A part of the player’s life begins at age 20. But there is a second part. Cristiano is at the top with 36. Many people value players for their youth. But in this football, in this world, with this pressure, with these expectations, how do you know how your body and mind will react after three years of high competition? It is the greatest challenge of a footballer. When you start and the current favors you because you have talent and you are good and young, everything is going well and it seems very simple, but you still do not know what disappointments are. Will you be ready to fight when problems arise or will you feel so comfortable that your mental aggressiveness will be reduced by 10%? Many times, the most human thing is to lose hunger if you are already satiated. When we think of football we tend to simplify things. The Fame, social repercussion, money, make the future of young people very difficult to predict. Many clubs are paying for a future that we do not know. Where you see a perfect player there is no machine, there is an unpredictable human sxer. The market is crazy. “

Finally, he spoke of the recent game against Barcelona at the Camp Nou: “I didn’t feel like they were a decadent team or anything like that. I just felt like we were better.”


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