Infinity manager says representing two-time LoL champion creates pressure

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Mexico, Sep 23 (EFE) .- Colombian Cristhian ‘TheCris’ Zamora, manager of the Infinity team in the mobile version of League of Legends, assured this Thursday that his players are under pressure to represent the two-time champion of the Latin American League of the same video game (LLA).

“We feel the weight of representing Infinity, which usually has the best players, but I am sure that we will make the best participation during these finals,” he explained to Efe.

From this Thursday until Sunday, the eight best teams in Latin America will play at the Artz Arena in Mexico City the Lolcito Salvaje Abierto finals, the first tournament organized by Riot Games of the mobile version of League of Legends, Wild Rift, which will define the first champion of the region.

“We have managed the pressure with the boys working as a team, being with each other, knowing that we are a team that if one loses we all lose and if one wins we all do it,” added Zamora.

In addition to Infinity, in the north of Latin America will be The Kings, Naguará and STMN Esports, while in the south the representatives are Furious Gaming, All Knights, Leviatán and Ebro Gaming.

The coach of Furious Gaming in Wild Rift, the Argentine Eloy ‘Tostado’ Santos, stated that he would like to become the first Latin video game champion to bring joy to his organization, which has just descended from the LLA.

“The descent made us sad and we promised ourselves to try to give joy in the moment of sadness, but as several people have always told us, a descent of LLA does not influence the past or future history of Furious,” he said.

Tostado said that his experience in the computer edition of League of Legends will help him guide his team to become the first monarch of the region.

“There are many concepts of computer publishing at a strategic level with their similarities to mobile. It is the same game on a smaller scale and many concepts are not identical but can be adapted,” he said.

The All Knights shooter, Argentine Tomas ‘BOT000’ Morales, presumed that the tournament champion will come from the southern region, where in his opinion an aggressive style of play is practiced.

“I think that in the north they play very passively. In the south we are more aggressive. Those from the north are not strong rivals like us, they will not be as difficult,” he concluded.

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