Izquierdoz’s joke that demolishes the viral theory about Orsini in Boca

Izquierdoz's joke that demolishes the viral theory about Orsini in Boca

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Boca he beat 2-1 Athletic Tucuman, little by little continues to approach the vanguard positions of the Professional League and to the qualifying zone for the next Copa Libertadores, and above all he continues to accumulate confidence and good spirits in the squad after so many pale faces and those new airs were reflected in the joke of Carlos Izquierdoz a Nicolas Orsini on his Instagram account.

“Here with Wilson”, the Boca captain published a photo inside the plane that brought the Xeneize delegation to Buenos Aires after the match in Tucumán in which Javier García, Lisandro López, Agustín Obando and Pulpo González also appear.

Izquierdoz uploaded that story to Instagram in response to the dissemination of different images that Boca fans made viral in the previous match where the former Lanús striker always appeared alone either on the plane or in the dining room.

“Wilson” is the volleyball that Tom Hanks she baptized and adopted as a friend in the renowned movie “Castaway.” The protagonist of the film arrives on a desert island after having a plane crash and struggles to survive in solitude while waiting to be rescued.


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