The massive application of vaccines against covid-19 to adolescents and children is coming

The massive application of vaccines against covid-19 to adolescents and children is coming

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The Ministry of Health is reserving a large amount of vacunas Sinopharm because wait for the authorization of the Anmat to apply them to minors under 18, without previous illnesses. Vaccination will begin with the oldest and will continue with children under 12.

At this time there are very few second doses of the Chinese vaccine pending, since everyone who received the first, completed the vaccination approximately within a month. Therefore, the expectation is that the Anmat finalizes the approval and starts with the vaccination of minors with Sinopharm. There is no shortage of those who speculate that it could already take place next weekend.

In the meantime, there are enough Sputnik 2 to continue applying, especially with those completed at the Richmond Laboratory. The Buenos Aires government calculates that In the last week of September or, at the latest, in the first of October, the vaccination of all Buenos Aires residents who received the first dose will be completed.

Children and adolescents, the next to be vaccinated

The Ministry of Health led by Carla Vizzotti continues to aim for the entire population to have at least one dose. Obviously, in the pursuit of this goal, it is necessary to vaccinate minors between 12 and 17 years old, without previous diseases, and children between 3 and 11 years old.

It is public and well-known that almost all those interned or those who die are over 50 and, furthermore, not vaccinated. Nevertheless, Boys are proven to be contagious and cutting off the virus is a key strategy. In the case of the outbreak of the Delta variant in the Buenos Aires school ORT, so far all the cases are mild and the concern is that they do not infect their parents and grandparents. A fundamental fact is that almost all these parents and grandparents are vaccinated, the vast majority with the two doses. But the ORT outbreak shows once again that the vaccination of minors is a goal that cannot be lost sight of.

Argentina has a large quantity of Sinopharm thanks to the contract to supply 24 million doses. Of that total, there is a figure in excess of five million in stock and eight million to arrive this month.

The decision of the Ministry of Health, transferred this Tuesday to the Federal Council of Health, which is made up of the ministers of all the districts, is to wait for the Anmat to approve the Chinese vaccine for its application in minors -something that is already being done in the Asian giant- and use Sinopharm as a basis for vaccination of adolescents without comorbidities and boys from 3 to 11 years old. It is said that the Anmat would give the go-ahead in the coming days.

Sinopharm and also Pfizer

Along with Sinopharm, the idea is also to use the 20 million doses purchased from Pfizer. The amounts that have arrived so far are small: 100,000 last week and 160,000 this Wednesday. During September 580,000 would be completed. The problem is that it is a small amount that is not enough to vaccinate minors, therefore there are two policies in place:

  • The CABA Ministry of Health, headed by Fernán Quirós, uses the Pfizers that he receives as a second dose of Sputnik or Oxford / AstraZeneca. The strategy is to complete vaccinations because people are very eager to complete the schedule. Furthermore, as the numbers are small, adolescents are not significantly vaccinated.
  • The Buenos Aires Ministry of Health, headed by Nicolás Kreplak, maintains that it has enough Sputnik 2 and AstraZeneca to continue vaccinating at a very intense rate and uses the Pfizer to apply to adolescents. His strategy is that it is essential to give everyone a first protection: the second dose is a booster, but the first is the decisive one.

If the approval of the Anmat arrives before the weekend -something that is not at all certain-, the mass vaccination of adolescents could be launched from Saturday. In that case, second doses would be combined for those over 18 with the first dose for those under 18. Otherwise, the vaccination of the elderly will continue to be completed with all available vaccines, especially Sputnik 2, Oxford / AstraZeneca and the few slopes of Sinopharm.


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