This 2 DIN radio with Android Auto is one of the best sellers on Amazon, and it is surprisingly cheap

This 2 DIN radio with Android Auto is one of the best sellers on Amazon, and it is surprisingly cheap

If your vehicle does not have an infotainment device, you need to buy one of these car radios with a screen and Android. And this is directly one of the best you can buy right now for its quality / price ratio. It is among the best sellers on Amazon, and it also has a bargain price that is brutal.

It is an Ankeway model, which, although it is a Chinese brand, has already taken on a certain relevance as far as screen car radios are concerned. It is a model of trust. its price right now is 127 euros in an Amazon flash deal that you have to take advantage of if you really wanted to buy one of these radios.

Get a car radio with a screen it is an interesting option in several cases. You may have a modern car and did not buy a screen because it was out of budget at the time or because it was not available as an extra. In this case, you can get it at an optimal price, and it is compatible with a parking camera, and with car controls.

It is also possible that have a car already a few years old, and that at the time there was not even a screen of this type. If you have already invested money in your vehicle, the idea of ​​changing it for a new one will not even want to think about it. In these cases, for only 127 euros you can get a radio with screen and Android for your car.

This car radio has a GPS navigation system, which we will make the most of with a specific app to use as a browser, which could well be Google Maps. In addition, we can install other applications for Android, such as Wave or Social Drive.

Too It is ideal to install Spotify and be able to listen to music on the car equipment. We can also perform different equalizations. We can even install Netflix to watch movies on its Full HD screen. Of course, better when the vehicle is stopped so as not to distract us.

We can connect our mobile to the radio both through Bluetooth and WiFi. Even with a Mirror Link connection to view the mobile screen on the radio. And of course, we do not forget elements that must be highlighted, such as the rear view camera, which is already included for us to install and connect it, or the double USB port to connect memories.

By 127 euros, this 2 DIN car radio with display and Android is a must buy to apply an improved technology in your vehicle and bring it to the latest.


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