ASF installed shower, closet and dressing room in auditor David Colmenares’ office; it cost 2.6 million pesos

 ASF installed shower, closet and dressing room in auditor David Colmenares' office; it cost 2.6 million pesos

The Superior Audit of the Federation (ASF) “remodeled” the 12th floor of its building, where the auditor dispatches David Colmenares, to install services such as shower, water heater, steam extractor, closet and dressing room, all with luxury finishes, which added 2 million 646 thousand pesos of public resources.

ASF installed shower, closet and dressing room in auditor David Colmenares' office; it cost 2.6 million pesos

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ASF installed shower, closet and dressing room in auditor David Colmenares’ office; it cost 2.6 million pesos

According to the contract made in December 2019, it was a “Optimization of spaces”, but it involved removing the bathroom for people with disabilities, walls, gates, marble floors, wooden coverings, electrical accessories, voice, data and air conditioning, which had barely two years of use, since the building had been inaugurated in 2017 with everything necessary to house 2,500 employees, and whose cost amounted to almost one billion pesos.

The intervened area was 165 square meters, as established in the requirement to place a false ceiling as part of the finishes, in addition to the marble base, oak coverings and ceramic floors. This extension is equivalent to four houses of social interest of up to 48 square meters.

This “remodeling” occurred one year and nine months after the appointment as Federal Auditor of David Colmenares, who is originally from Oaxaca and has a house in the San Felipe residential neighborhood, which he visits regularly on weekends, according to Oaxacan residents. and Audit staff.

Political Animal He requested an interview from the Audit but they refused to give any position on the matter and they did not allow the entrance to the 12th floor to be able to observe the remodeled space, despite the fact that it is a public administration building and the works were paid with a public budget.

However, the authority empowered to review the performance of the Audit is the Surveillance Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, since the ASF is a technical body that depends on the Legislative and – if it determines it necessary – could summon the Auditor to appear. Federal. The commission is chaired by the deputy of the Citizen Movement, Mario Alberto Rodríguez; the petista, Héctor Serrano; Jorge Arguelles from PES and Carmen Mora de Morena, among others.

At the moment, the only one with access to the remodeled area is the auditor, say employees who requested anonymity for fear of retaliation. In addition, passage is restricted by a 12.7-millimeter thick tempered glass sliding door, with a control system with ‘selft-learning & self monitoring’ functions and an electric lock to lock the door in night mode or with access control.

That door for which the Audit paid 174 thousand pesos, plus 23 thousand pesos for installation, also has a five-position selector (auto-opening, partial, exit only, off, closed), in addition to a sound damping system and vibrations.

The architect Sergio Beltrán-García reviewed the documents and explained that it is a door of “very high specialty and it would have to be justified why an institution such as the Audit would need a door with that level of security.”

Another urban planning researcher, who asked not to publish his name, concluded that “by dismantling the previous office, removing furniture, changing luxury doors and adding oak wood trim, it is clearly the remodeling of a personal office. You don’t put that in a customer service office, because of the care and maintenance it requires, but in a luxury one ”.

Engineer Luis Gallo, partner of the Sequoia developer with more than 20 years of experience, agreed on this. The requirements set in the call for the Audit, he said, correspond to the type of luxury office that the private initiative has for its highest executives.

“The luxury office”

The work procedure occurred through the invitation to three companies in the ASF-DGRMS-OP-02/2019 call published on December 12, 2019 and the winning company was Construideas Innovación y Desarrollo SA de CV, as recorded in the contract obtained by Animal Político, signed on December 20 of the same year.

Since the call, the ASF made very specific requirements on the works, even specifying brands, such as the mixer for shower model e-50, straight safety bar model br-470, square plate shower h-3013 and handles model C-69, all Helvex brand; as well as a Systemair steam extractor system for showering in the bathroom and supply and installation of strainer.

Also supply and installations of the drinking water outlet water heater for feeding a Bosh brand water heater model Tronic 4000C 9.5 & 12 kW., Warn the annexes of the invitation to participate in the contract.

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Among the “designer furniture” was a closet with a wooden dressing room for which Audit paid 51,923, while for another wooden furniture referred to as “large guard” it paid 88,812 pesos and for the “small guard”, 28 thousand 238 pesos. While the equipment for the extraction of odors and gases in the kitchen, including a decorative hood for the Teka brand, cost 36,196 pesos.

The finishes requested were Interseramic brand ceramic tile, marble plinth, tempered glass gates and oak wood trim (wall coverings) and pine wood frame.

These works were carried out in 15 days -between December 20 and January 5, 2020 during the December holiday period- according to the document signed by José Ignacio Silva Márquez, general director of Material Resources and Services of the ASF; Gerardo Gangoiti, director of financial resources; Laura Sosa, deputy director of Legal Support and the sole administrator of Construideas, Lucio Revilla.

The first contract, dated December 20, amounted to 2 million 282 thousand pesos, but on February 5, 2021, an additional contract was signed for additional requirements, so the total amount amounted to 2 million 646 thousand pesos.


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