Eduardo Leite tells businessmen that he is not the ‘savior of the homeland’ and that he gives up for the strong name of the center

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SÃO PAULO, SP (FOLHAPRESS0 – In a dispute with João Doria in the PSDB’s national caucuses, Rio Grande do Sul Governor Eduardo Leite stated at a dinner with businessmen this Sunday (17) that he does not want to be the savior of the country and that he would give up his candidacy if there was a strong name for the third way.

“We can no longer allow people to believe that in Brazil we are going to elect a myth or savior of the homeland. I am not a candidate for a myth or a savior of the homeland,” said Leite, adding that the country is not changed due to rupture.

In São Paulo for the party’s caucuses campaign, Leite participated in a dinner with more than a hundred people in São Paulo, organized by the Esfera Brasil group, which fosters dialogue between the productive sector, the federal government and Congress.

The event was held at the home of businessman João Camargo, president of the organization, in the Morumbi neighborhood.

Luiza Trajano, chairman of Magazine Luiza, Marcelo Claure, of Softbank, Chieko Aoki, of Blue Tree Hotels, Issac Sidney, president of Febraban, and Claudio Lottenberg, of Albert Einsten’s board, were some of those present.

About ten mayors also attended, such as Jacareí and São José dos Campos, and Gilberto Kassab, president of the PSD, who told interlocutors that Leite will win the dispute.

“If Doria solves the rejection problem and takes off in the polls until the preliminary tests, I have no problem withdrawing the candidacy, but I’m not seeing that right now,” said the toucan. “I’m going to win the previews,” he added.

According to those present, the atmosphere was one of enthusiasm and some participants treated the event as the dinner of the turn.

“If there is another candidate who flagrantly brings together better, who more agglutinates, who is more viable, I will not be an obstacle to make conciliation. I want to help this country out of this madness.”

The governor of Rio Grande do Sul also defended that Brazil has a “center that moves forward” and that he does not want to choose between being efficient and privatizing or being sensitive and carrying out social programs for income transfer.

“I even think that they are complementary. I need a lean government to have resources and apply in what promotes the low-income population.”

In a fight that broke out in the acronym, Leite needled Doria during the afternoon. He stated that “denying participation in the debate and casting suspicion on the form of voting is a matter of pocketbookism”. “I hope the BolsoDoria doesn’t come back.”

He was referring to the São Paulo native’s initial refusal to participate in a debate, scheduled for Tuesday (19), and to the distrust raised by Doria’s allies to the election’s electronic voting system, an application developed in Rio Grande do Sul. he voted for Bolsonaro in the second round.

Last week, Esfera brought together around 20 businessmen at an event with the former mayor of São Paulo Fernando Haddad. On the occasion, the PT member insisted on naming the party as an acronym for the center-left, said he did not believe in a third way and that Lula’s revenge would be to make a good government.


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