Follow the Minute by Minute between Cruz Azul and Tigres

Follow the Minute by Minute between Cruz Azul and Tigres

“Candil of the street and darkness of your house”, reads a popular Mexican saying, which applies one hundred percent to the Tigers from Miguel Herrera in this Opening 2021.

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And it is that the felines have won more points outside the University than in their own cave, because of the 18 points with those who arrive tonight at the game against Cruz Azul on the courtl Azteca Stadium, 10 They have harvested them from visit and just 8 at Volcano.

That is why this Saturday the Tigers need to further reinforce this condition of being one of the best visitors to the MX League when at 9:00 p.m. they jump to the Colossus of Santa Úrsula in search of the three points.


Blue Cross: Corona, Domínguez, Aldrete, Aguilar, Rivero, Baca, Alvarado, Fernández, Pineda, Rodríguez and Giménez.

Tigers: Nahuel, Ayala, Reyes, Carioca, Vigon, Fernández, Pizarro, Aquino, Rodríguez, Gignac and Quiñones.
MINUTE BY MINUTEThe game ends at the Azteca. Final score: Cruz Azul 1-1 Tigres.

Min92: Change of Tigers: leaves: Vigón, enters: Dueñas

Min90: 5 more minutes are added to the game.

Min84: Change of Tigres: leaves: Quiñones, enters: Fulgencio.

Min70: Of cboth of Tigres: go out: Gignac and Fernández, come in: López and González.

The second half starts.

Finish the first half. Scoreboard at the moment: Cruz Azul 1-1 Tigres.

Min38: Yellow card for Guillermo Fernández.

Min36: Corona save that saves Cruz Azul.

Min16: Goal by Tigres. Gignac ties the free throw score.

Min14: Own goal that puts Cruz Azul up.

Min12: Yellow card for Javier Aquino.

Kick off the game from the Azteca Stadium!



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