Minute of silence for killed Tory MPs in the London House of Commons

Minute of silence for killed Tory MPs in the London House of Commons

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The British MPs in the London House of Commons thought of their dead colleague David Amess with a minute’s silence.

The Speaker of the House of Commons, Lindsay Hoyle, expressed condolences to the relatives of the Tory politician on behalf of Parliament. He announced that he would do everything in his power so that the MPs could safely carry out their “vital democratic tasks”.

Amess was stabbed to death on Friday during a public consultation in the rooms of a Methodist church in the coastal town of Leigh-on-Sea. A 25-year-old man was arrested on the spot on suspicion of murder immediately after the crime; he is now being held on suspicion of terrorism.

Parliamentarians from across the political spectrum recalled the politician who had been in the lower house for the Tories since 1983. The session began with a minute’s silence. “This house needs people like Sir David,” said Prime Minister Boris Johnson, praising Amess as a passionate politician who has always fought for his convictions. The devout Catholic was considered an arch-conservative Brexit supporter who campaigned against the right to abortion and for animal rights.

Johnson announced that he intends to grant the coastal town of Southend the status of an independent city in honor of Amess – a goal that Amess had long campaigned for. The Queen has already agreed to this, Johnson said.

Amess’s family attended the church on Monday where Amess was stabbed on Friday. The relatives want to pursue the concerns of the MP. “We are devastated but we will survive and move on on behalf of this wonderful and inspiring man,” the family wrote in a statement released by the Metropolitan Police. In the evening there was to be a memorial service in London’s St Margaret’s Church.

The police assume that the attacker was a lone perpetrator. In connection with the case, there were three house searches in the London area over the weekend. The police investigations still have to clarify many unanswered questions. According to the “Telegraph”, the alleged perpetrator should have previously considered killing other MPs. Amess could have been a relatively accidental victim. The attack, classified as a terrorist act, sparked a debate in the UK about the safety of politicians.


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