Parking space in the harbor at the warehouse

Parking space in the harbor at the warehouse

On the Müritz-Elde-Wasserstraße, the new parking space at the Speicher in the Bierstadt has blossomed really well.

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On the Müritz-Elde-Wasserstraße, the new parking space at the Speicher in the Bierstadt has blossomed really well.

The Müritz-Elde waterway is a 180-kilometer-long navigable waterway with varied nature and interesting towns between the Plauer See and the Elbe near Dömitz. In the middle is the city of Lübz, widely known for its beer. Lübzer barley juice is now also known beyond Mecklenburg’s borders.

In front of the gates of the city, which was first documented in 1224, there is not only the port at the Speicher, but also the parking space named after him with 28 parking spaces for motorhomes for three years. The entrepreneur Steffen Mausolf maintains a boat boarding house with berths, crane service and winter storage for ships as well as the well-equipped motorhome parking space.

At the entrance from the main road, a large sign on an old cutter signals: You are in the right place. After a few meters, the neatly designed facility opens up. Along the boat berths, the parking spaces for the motorhomes are lined up in three lanes on the right-hand side. All are laid out flat on gravel lawns and provided with electricity columns, where running water is also available. These systems are controlled from a central office, and the boat berths are also accessible in this way.

The heart of the modern system is, on the one hand, the reception with the ticket machine and the neighboring energy center, where you can activate the electricity with the number of your parking space. The sanitary facilities are in a separate building, separated by male and female, and in between is the scullery with washing machine and dryer.


There is a Camper-Clean machine next to the sanitary building, which not only empties the cassette, but also cleans it afterwards. The service costs two euros. In an extra lane right next to it, a wide floor inlet awaits the disposal of the gray water.

The elongated facility with the parking spaces arranged in three rows leads directly to the Elde, on which a small beach has been created and – as on the entire square – roofed seating groups invite you to linger. Steffen Mausolf: “I will soon be living here on the square with my partner Nadine Augustiani.” This means that a contact person is regularly present at the automated station. In the future, a barrier should regulate the access.

Lübz itself with its historic city center can be reached in one kilometer, and shopping is only 600 meters away. The Elde, however, offers true relaxation, where you can enjoy the river landscape with your own or rented boat; There is a houseboat rental company and several good restaurants in the city marina. A visit to the Lübzer brewery is also possible at normal times, but it is suspended for 2021 due to corona and renovation work.

The young parking space in a delightful bank location has developed into a real insider tip in three years.

The special tip

the Bobziner lock with its hydroelectric power station is a worth seeing destination for hikers, cyclists and boat tourists. The historic building still supplies electricity to the city of Lübz, three kilometers away.

Parking space in the harbor at the warehouse

parking space: Paid parking space for 28 mobiles on the outskirts, at a marina on the river. Ground with gravel lawn, no shade, illuminated. Video surveillance, fresh water, electricity, sanitary facilities, shower. Dogs allowed. Public transport connection nearby. Season from mid-April to mid-November.

leisure: Müritz-Elde-Wasserstraße, boat rental, historical town center, Lübzer brewery, hydroelectric power station Bobziner Schleuse.


  • location: 3 out of 3 points
  • Furnishing: 3 out of 3 points
  • Recreational value: 3 out of 3 points


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