The Mecca Mosque, at 100% capacity for the first time since the pandemic

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Riyadh, Oct 17 (EFE) .- The Great Mosque of Mecca opened this Sunday at 100% capacity and without applying the social distancing measures imposed for two years by the covid-19 pandemic, after the authorities The Saudis will announce the lifting of most of the restrictions, which takes effect today.

The new measures, announced last Friday by the Ministry of the Interior, include the elimination of social distancing in means of transport and other public places, such as restaurants, cinemas or stadiums, with the condition of having received two doses of the anticovid vaccine. .

However, the ministry, which claims to have administered more than 44 million doses, insisted that in those public places the “necessary precautionary measures” should be respected and the mask should be used, according to the official Saudi news agency SPA.

The Saudi television channel Al Ejbariya showed images of the prayers of the past morning and noon in the great Mosque of Mecca and the Mosque of the Prophet Muhammad in Medina, in the west of the country, after removing the plastic barriers placed in both precincts two years ago to separate the faithful.

Last July, only 60,000 faithful chosen by the Saudi government, all vaccinated and resident in the kingdom, were allowed to make the annual pilgrimage or “hach” to Mecca and Medina, instead of the nearly two and a half million pilgrims who they carried out this religious event coming from all over the planet before the pandemic.

On August 1, Riyadh prohibited those who have not received any dose of the covid-19 vaccine from going to their work centers and participating in social or cultural events or activities, entering shopping centers, accessing official buildings to do something procedure or use means of public transport.

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