For the City, Eric Zemmour “is not welcome”

For the City, Eric Zemmour

The Municipality disapproves of the presence at the end of the lake of the French polemicist, who is due to debate there on November 24.

Eric Zemmour is due to debate with Geneva lawyer Marc Bonnant on November 24.

Eric Zemmour is due to debate with Geneva lawyer Marc Bonnant on November 24.

While the French polemicist Eric Zemmour, more than likely candidate for the presidential election of 2022, is due to participate in a debate on November 24 in Geneva, the city authorities have declared that he was “not welcome” there. . The Administrative Council communicated this position on Saturday to the RTS. If the Municipality does not have the power to prohibit the arrival of the herald of the far right hexagonal, it indicated that his presence was “in all cases not opportune in a place managed by the City”.

In other words, it will not rent one of its rooms to the Convergences association, at the origin of the dinner-debate planned with Eric Zemmour and Geneva lawyer Marc Bonnant. As recalled by RTS, the Municipality had already acted in this way in 2009, when it refused to allow the Alhambra to welcome Dieudonné, known for his anti-Semitic positions. The comedian had challenged this decision in court and won the case, both at the Administrative Court and at the Federal Court.

The City’s communication extends various initiatives aimed at preventing Eric Zemmour from speaking in Geneva. An online petition, recalling that the man was convicted of incitement to racial discrimination and incitement to religious hatred, had, this Sunday, been signed by more than 1,500 people. In addition, 67 Geneva left-wing and center-right personalities initialed an open letter asking the cantonal and municipal authorities “not to contribute to the reception on their territory of a dangerous polemicist”.


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