green vegetables as a solution?

green vegetables as a solution?

Having a headache on a regular basis can turn out to be a real handicap. To reduce migraines, British researchers have found a rather effective solution. It would suffice to consume more green vegetables.

Headaches: green vegetables as a solution?

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Headaches: green vegetables as a solution?

When we say that vegetables are good for you! According to a study conducted by British researchers, published in the British Medical Journal, green vegetables would be a good way to fight against headaches.

Very disabling, migraines affect 20% of the French population and mainly women. These are triggered by several factors: menstrual cycles, stress, lack of sleep, too intense physical activity … But they can also sometimes turn out to be real chronic and regular pain.

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Painkillers, analgesics, and sometimes triptans … Treatments against migraine are still quite limited. Have you taken a look at your diet? In fact, in one in five cases, it would be a trigger for migraine.

The LIFE diet

British researchers have implemented a diet called “Life” (Low Inflammatory Foods Everyday) aimed at reducing inflammatory-type foods and favoring a more plant-based diet. And the stars of this new diet would be green vegetables! Rich in beta-carotene, green vegetables have many antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which would help reduce headaches considerably.

The goal: to consume a minimum of 140 grams of green vegetables each day in order to observe positive effects. Easy to integrate into your daily diet, there is also a wide variety. Opt instead for broccoli, kale, spinach or watercress.

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