Minister of Education Denies ‘Order from Above’ to Change Enem Issues

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The Minister of Education Milton Ribeiro again denied this Wednesday, 17, that there was an attempt by the federal government to ideologically control the issues of the National Secondary Education Examination (Enem). He argued that the changes in the test were made “in a collegiate manner” and stated that the presence of a Federal Police expert in the room where the assessment was carried out was for “logistics management”.

“Now, if there is an institution that helped to clean up Brazil in terms of ethics, in the recent past, it was the Federal Police. She deserves all our honor and respect”, said the minister during the launch of the National Pact for Education in the Chamber of Deputies. “When we increased the physical space in the room that is reserved, what did the president do to ensure that the place had all the conditions? He did invite, requested the Federal Police, that the expert has the competence to examine the place. It was logistics management, to see if there was any equipment or security camera.”

Enem is carried out by around 3.1 million candidates for entry into higher education. It is the main means of access to universities in Brazil. Tests are held annually.

Ribeiro also claimed that he does not participate “directly in the management of the issues” and that they are carried out “in a secret room”, where “only a few people can have access”. “The federal policeman didn’t go there to look at the question that he should or shouldn’t. The selection of questions is carried out by a committee and its own board, in a collegiate manner. Every question is discussed to be included or not. No order came from above,” he said.

According to the minister, the information that some issues had been removed from the test “only came out of there because perhaps they broke a confidentiality pact between them.” “How do you know? Because someone inside made the comment. I didn’t like this internal issue of Inep ‘going outside’”, he said.

President Jair Bolsonaro, however, said just two days ago that the Enem issues are beginning to “have the face of the government” and not the “absurdities of the past”. This Wednesday, he again stated that the exam was “political and behavioral activism” and with “weird topics”.

O state revealed on Wednesday that 24 questions were withdrawn after a “critical reading”, on the grounds of being “sensitive”. Afterwards, 13 of them were included again and 11 were vetoed.

Inep stampede

Milton Ribeiro also downplayed the collective dismissal of 37 Inep employees last week, who accuse the current administration of President Danilo Dupas – the fourth in three years – of dismantling the body, harassment and disregard for technical aspects in decision-making. According to the minister, what weighed was an “economic factor” and the employees would have left because they did not agree with the new “governance”.

“The most painful part of being human is the pocket. If they were only interested in education, after the Enem they would have looked for me and made a move”, he claimed, also stating that the servers “tried to put at risk” the execution of the test.


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