Rome bans corona demos in the city center

Rome bans corona demos in the city center

Politicians ban the corona demonstrators to the outskirts, but only in the capital

Rally in the Circus Maximus

Rally in the Circus Maximus

The postponement of the protests of the opponents of the Corona measures (and all other demonstrators) in Rome outside the city center and the regulation that these should only be stationary rallies have achieved their purpose. It is true that a particularly large number of Green Pass opponents took part in the rally last weekend, it is said to have been around 4,000 (around 1,000 in the previous weeks). At least the streets, shops and thus the Romans remained unaffected.

Union stormed

The regulation has been in force in the capital since mid-October. The reason for this measure was a recent protest that right-wing extremists had used to storm and devastate the headquarters of the CGIL union. Then they tried to penetrate to the government seat of Palazzo Chigi. In addition, the G-20 summit was imminent.

Circus Maximus

Since mid-October, the manifestants have been meeting in the area of ​​the Circus Maximus, southwest of the Colosseum. It is a large, elongated and partly planted area that was used for chariot races under the ancient Romans.

Allowed in Milan

Other cities have tried to move the protests out of the center, but so far none have been as brave as Rome. So far the only enforcement is that the protests must be stationary. Moving is prohibited. And so the Milan Green Pass opponents met this weekend for the 18th time in the Piazza Fontana behind the cathedral.


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