Swimming is the sport you should do every day, says Harvard

Swimming is the sport you should do every day, says Harvard

Man swimming in pool

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Man swimming in pool

The benefits of swimming are such that by reading the following you will want to do all your cardio sessions in water. Indeed, Harvard University maintains that it is one of the best sports, and at any age. Researchers have shown how swimming has a positive effect on physical and mental health.

Sport is always a good thing, but certain activities, including swimming, are particularly beneficial for cardiovascular health and muscles, while promoting stress reduction and weight loss. It is a discipline that has the advantage of being able to be practiced at the pace and intensity that you want. You can do all kinds of movements in the water, avoiding any impact on the joints (a detail all the more precious as the years go by).

Harvard scientists argue that “swimming makes the heart and lungs work. It is an exercise that trains the heart to use oxygen more efficiently, which usually results in a drop in resting heart rate and lower breathing rate. Swimming works the arms, legs, and other intermediate muscle groups, strengthening muscles and making them more supple. ” It should be added that swimming is a sport which involves a minimum risk of injury, which relaxes and helps to develop good breathing technique. “The advantage is that swimming is a sport that you can do throughout your life, without having to give it up when you’re old,” says Harvard.

What are the benefits of swimming?

First of all, swimming works the whole body

It is an exercise that strengthens, stretches and promotes cardiovascular training, while working the arms, legs, or even the abdominal belt, depending on the strokes that we practice. It is an excellent sport for losing weight, working on your physical condition and endurance, all without damaging your joints or bones.

The more you swim, the more strength and flexibility you gain. You will also have less pain in the joints and a slimmer figure. Swimming can also help lower blood pressure, improve balance and reduce joint pain caused by arthritis, according to Harvard scientists.

When you swim, you can mobilize different muscles. The butterfly style, for example, works the deltoids and trapezius, while the backstroke works the latissimus while using muscle groups like the hamstrings and glutes with the kick of the legs.

It’s a sport that’s good for your brain

It is of course a good sport for the body but it also has psychological benefits. Swimming has been shown to help control anxiety and stress, reduce symptoms of depression, can improve mood, and help get better quality sleep, especially because repetitive movements cause the release of endorphins and this after just a few minutes of daily exercise.

All the benefits of swimming:

  1. increased resistance
  2. more energy
  3. increased well-being
  4. less anxiety
  5. blood pressure under control
  6. reduced symptoms of depression

The main recommendation is that while swimming is great for the heart, lungs, blood vessels, and muscles, it is not really great for the bones. It is therefore important to supplement your routine with weight-bearing exercises such as weight training, walking, climbing stairs or activities such as gardening.

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