The bus becomes the big bulli – VW T7 Multivan in the configurator

The bus becomes the big bulli - VW T7 Multivan in the configurator

We have configured the VW bus to become a treasure chest. In the end, the price of the Multivan is surprisingly close to that of a new Mercedes S-Class.

© VW / Patrick Lang

Entering the configuration process with the new VW T7 is a little irritating. Interior? An option. Rims? An option. Where should you hide your money sensibly? Well, you guessed it: You can still do it, you just need a little patience. But from the beginning. The new Multivan starts at around 45,000 euros and is already 10,000 euros higher than the entry-level model of the T6 generation from 2015. The current top model starts at 67,800 euros and is of course the subject of our example configuration on the way to becoming a Volle-Hütte-bigwig -Bulli. The “Energetic” drives as Plug-in hybrid with 110 kW output before. For around 1,860 euros extra, VW couples the part-time Stromer to a six-speed dual clutch transmission. Get in and hold on, please!

The first cost-intensive extra is the chic two-tone look as a mixture of metallic and pearl effect paint. VW wants almost 3,000 euros for this, but a lot of paint can be distributed over a length of 5.17 meters, a height of just under 1.90 meters and a width of 1.94 meters. Since the top model already has the chrome accents as standard and the 18-inch models are already attached to the axles at the factory, there is no scope for further investments in the exterior design. Let’s see what can still be achieved in terms of technology, comfort and functionality.

Seats for almost 6,000 euros

The virtual cockpit can be supplemented with a head-up display for € 1,243, the large Discover Pro navigation system for € 660 and the top audio system from Harman & Kardon for € 1,380. The infotainment resources would then be exhausted. For the assistance systems, Volkswagen offers a package solution for 1,231 euros. Under the “Travel Assist” option, the Wolfsburg-based ACC combine the lane keeping and changing assistant and the blind spot warning system. There is even a dynamic extra for the bus: adaptive dampers, a sportier chassis and lowering by 20 millimeters for a total of 1,677 euros.

Remember at the beginning of the article that there was only one option for the interior? As a consolation, VW installed two heated and ventilated EGR leather seats in the first row for 5,790 euros. If the rear passengers in the outer seats also want seat heating, this costs an additional 1,195 euros. If you enjoy boarding via electric sliding doors, you can add another 1,300 euros. Thanks to a few other extras, which we cheekily summarize as “little things”, the bill ends up being a whopping 92,277 euros. So just 7,800 euros less than for the basic variant of the new S-Class with a short wheelbase. Sure, the VW bus has never been cheap, but with full equipment it can easily swim in the luxury segment. You can find out whether this also applies to the driving characteristics of the PHEV in our photo show above in the article.


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