The voices of an undisputed champion

The voices of an undisputed champion

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Championship number 36 for River Plate completed and after the emotional embrace of coach Marcelo Gallardo with his children and his father, the time for declarations has arrived of the protagonists.

“Throughout this even tournament, we never lower the intensity. Despite so many injuries, we got ahead. We were convinced that if we were humble, we would achieve the goal. Gallardo keeps the group motivated and the titles endorse it, “he said. by case the veteran defender Javier Pinola, surrounded by Enzo Pérez, the Uruguayan Nicolás De la Cruz, the boy Peña and the attacker Matias Suarezprecisely several of the players that make up the riverplatense infirmary.

“This is deserved and we enjoy it this way. Beyond the fact that I couldn’t play because of my injury, I feel like a champion “, the Cordovan pointed out.

Other voices

* Franco Armani: “This is a dream, Achieving the championship in our house, with our people, is an immense joy. I came from Colombia to the biggest club to fight important things, and thank God it happened. People calling my name gave me goose bumps. “

* Julián Alvarez: “I am very happy, we did a great job in a difficult year due to the pandemic, but work gives reward. We try to do our thing against any rival. This tournament I felt more protagonistIt helped me to be surrounded by people with a lot of experience who work to improve themselves every day. ”

Santiago Simon: “I am very happy. We pay a lot of attention to the coach Gallardo, that we have a lot of confidence to be able to respond the way we dos”.

Paulo Díaz: “You want to win and win well, today we succeeded in spades. We were very strong against Racing, with a wide difference in the game. It was given just as we wanted it. Despite my injury, I had a great championship. And I want to congratulate the boys, who have adapted very well to what Marcelo asks of us “.

Leonardo Ponzio: “I dream every day of winning degrees with this institution. I was not born here, but they let me be and here I am. I feel that the moment to stop playing is very close and I have to be prepared for that “.


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